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iPhone 13 Lake Drop 50 Feet 10 Days No Damage Lake Sammamish

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch the SeattleRingHunter recover an iPhone 13 from fifty feet after ten days from Lake Sammamish.

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May 2022 I receive a call from Max after having found my Lake Sammamish YouTube recovery videos. He told me he was on a paddle board with his younger sister and they had just lost his iPhone 13 in the lake! 

“Can you help me? , he asked me.

I responded with a few questions of my own. I asked if he had any land marks next to him in the water where the phone was lost such as dock, tree or a piling. I also ask how far out from shore he was?

He told me he could see the homes but nothing in the water around him as a landmark. These were not good answers and it seems some what hopeless to me from the initial responses but I have learned to continue pressing for critical details anyway. I told him Lake Sammamish gets deep quick and the phone might be flooded. He informed me that it was in a waterproof bag. It broke loose from his sister’s neck and sunk to the bottom of the lake.

I had a bit of hope that maybe the phone would be dry but how to know the drop zone was still a mystery.

He also said he had a photo of where they were when the phone was lost.  He txted the photo to me but it was not specific enough to support a dive. 

I asked how the photo was taken? His response to me by surprise that he had the whole incident on his GoPro video.

Turned out he had thirteen minutes of total footage and the iPhone drop was clearly at the seven minute mark.

I thought for a bit longer and asked what version GoPro was used?

He responded, “GoPro Version 8.”

My confidence level started to warm up quickly as I asked the $1,000 question of the day.  Did you have the GPS enabled, turned on?

He checked and said yes the GPS was ON!

At this moment my confidence level was about to boil. If this turned out to be true I would be willing to dive for the phone. I had him upload the footage to my Google share drive so I could inspect the data with my own eyes. I could hardly contain myself what if we actually have a full video account of the incident with embedded GPS data. I was anxious as the video file was downloaded to my computer.

When I played the video for the first time I was pleased to see the high definition footage of the complete incident. The instant the phone broke free from her neck as he pulled her onto the paddle board we can actually hear the lanyard clip break and at this instant my confidence level was spiking.

I found an appropriate software application and applied some gauges to the video displaying all the critical data. After watching the video a second time with live GPS data on the screen my confidence level for this recovery reached a full rolling boil! At this moment I knew we had all we needed to dive on this mission with a very solid opportunity of a recovery not based on luck and chance but founded on solid technical skills and process.

We could have not ask for anything better. Even the fact that the GoPro had been running for several minutes was an absolute blessing allowing the GPS to have a solid lock on several satellites for optimum accuracy. 

Here is the video…

Watch this episode of the Seattle Ring Hunter to see how we unwind this riddle of yet another iPhone lake drop.

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Dropped Phone in Lake Sammamish WA Recovery

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

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Watch video linked below…

Dennis contacted me wanting to know if I could retrieve his dropped cell phone from Lake Sammamish. After a quick chat we set a schedule to meet the next morning at the site. It is important to stress the importance of taking proper safety measures whenever working within any body of water with active watercraft. Proper safety protections were implemented along with on shore lookouts to ensure a safe operating environment for this sallow dive recovery. The mission’s sole objective was to recover Dennis’s fumbled cell phone from a very specific identified drop zone. This was not a long drawn out random treasure hunt. As soon as his phone was acquired from the silty lake floor the dive was concluded and the site was cleared for its typical use.

His iPhone 8 was actually located at 9′ of water. The phone was not visually located and was only recovered by the aid of an experienced under water metal detection process in very low visibility.  Dennis reported later that day that his phone actually powered up but had very little batter life after being in the lake for the past five days.

Watch the video here:


Jeff Morgan


Platinum and Gold 18k Wedding Ring Found… Sammamish, Washington!

  • from Seattle (Washington, United States)

Yesterday I received a call from a man, who had been digging a culvert to bury some wire going from his house through his backyard. While he was doing the work, he had taken off his wedding ring and put it in his pocket so he wouldn’t damage the ring. At some point in the day, he realized that the ring had fallen out of his pocket, and he was convinced that it had gone in the ditch with the wire, which he had reburied. This presented a real problem for me, as the wire would possibly mask out any signal from the ring if it was in the ditch. I searched along side of the culvert and over it, and occasionally got some signals which could have been the ring, but they always turned out to be the wire buried one foot down! After trying multiple metal detector types, I kept on reaching the same conclusion. If it had fallen in this ditch probably the only way to find it would be to un-bury the wire and start all over again. Likely the ring would be lost forever.

His mood and mine, were beginning to become less hopeful. At some point he mentioned maybe I should search in a completely new area, and I think he was leaning towards the idea of me quitting the search. He said “Why don’t you go and sweep the driveway really fast, I don’t think it would be up there but you never know.” I had basically come close to giving up, since I have been out there for a few hours with no luck. But I went and swept the gravel driveway with my larger coil metal detector.

After a few minutes, he rounded the corner with some money in hand, about to tell me I could go ahead and quit the search. But, when he reached out, I had something in my hand too! I had found the ring! It was barely buried in the gravel driveway. Likely, a car or two had run over it but it was in great shape still!

“You had the right idea! I’m glad you changed it up!” I exclaimed… he was incredulous and the whole family was besides themselves with excitement!

Sometimes it just isn’t where you thought it should be. It took nearly giving up the search, but luckily this hunt had a happy ending!

18K Gold and 950 Platinum Band!

Family happily reunited with lost wedding ring!

Found it!

Sheila’s twice lost ring into Lake Sammamish in one day

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)








I received a call from Sheila and she explained to me that she lost her diamond wedding ring in Lake Sammamish,  off a private residential dock. While she was dipping her toe over the edge of the dock to check the water temperature for a swim her loose fitting wedding ring of thirty years slipped off her finger into the lake. She continued to tell me that she could see the ring glistening on the bottom. She them jumps into the lake and retrieved the ring from about thirteen feet below. She had no place to secure the ring as she didn’t want it to fall off her finger again during the swim back so she placed it into her moth.

Watch the video to see the full story unfold:

On her way to shore she was in about chest hight water when she started taking to her friend in the back yard when the ring slipped out of her mouth and back into the lake a second time! At this point her feet had stirred up the silt, boats going by were causing some wakes, she was getting cold and feared she might just keep steeping on the ring burying it deeper. So she noted the area and got out of the water.

She then went on line to find some professional assistance were she found me.

I agreed to assist in the recovery of her ring. Arriving with full dive gear not ever knowing exactly what to expect and how solid the information provided will be this has proven to make these missions much more successful than by simply free diving. Having the proper drysuit to keep warm and conferrable and and redundant air supplies for these types of task take a lot of other issues out of the loop. Of course SCUBA brings with it a whole other required skill set of its own to be done with proper risk management.

Sheila had told me way back in the day there was a lumber mill near the lake and many of their logs are still imbedded in the silt. She also provided a solid landmark that her feet was near one of the planks when she lost the ring the second time. These provided details greatly aided in the recovery effort by firmly marking the target zone of the search efforts.

The search took a bit of time as they sometimes do however I found the ring in the general area under water as Sheila described. 

I proceeded to surprise her with the ring and she was very happy to be reunited once again.


Jeff Morgan



Lost Platinum Wedding Ring, Lake Sammamish Bellevue, WA (2015)

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

Platinum wedding band has gone missing. Man searches for hours then finds the Seattle Ring Hunter…

A man was training on his road bike cycling with a group when his ring flew off his finger after loosing some weight. He was certain he knew where it was on the side of the road and spent hours looking for it. After an exhaustive search he found me and I helped him recover his ring on a cool rainy day in Bellevue, WA.

Very happy to have helped this fellow out with a recovery!

See video:

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