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Wedding Ring Lost at a Pacifica, Ca Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

We made the recovery!!!  Just after 2:30pm on June 21st good friend and fellow metal detectorist Jes Muse contacted me.  She was feeling under the weather but had received a call in Pacifica, Ca.  She asked if I’d be willing to take it.

With local weather being over 100 degrees, I couldn’t think of a better opportunity to beat the heat and lend a helping hand.

I contacted a Mrs. Laurie LeRowe for additional information and to confirm my appointment, and 1 hour later we were introduced beach side.  Mrs. LeRowe provided some background information as well as some landmarks defining our search area and our search began.

Approximately 20 minutes into the search and only my second good target, we made the recovery!!!

There were many reasons leading to the success of this story and there is some credit due…Thank you to Marshal Smith of Portland, OR who put the family in contact with Jes Muse (Pacifica, CA).  Thank you to Jes Muse who always puts her best foot forward seeing to the needs of those who contact her.  This was not the first time she’s entrusted me with a search and recovery and I hope not the last.  Also to the American Mining Supply for the new machine I used for this recovery, thank you!  Last, but most important, Mrs. Laurie LeRowe who tirelessly sought out information and services and who coordinated with most of the folks mentioned above to make this search happen and successful…Great Job!

To Fernandes and Hilary, I am grateful to get the opportunity to be woven into your love story and wish you both endless happiness in the future.

We Made The Recovery!!!

For assistance finding your lost item contact Brendon Chapman at (925) 580-2590.  For best results call sooner than later!


Testimonial for Brendon Chapman:

Brendan’s willingness and promptness to drive more than an hour to the site, through traffic (valley folks heading to the beach for cooler temps in addition to afternoon traffic) his detective skills and tools, and most importantly his kindness and generosity of time and effort with no guarantees of success. The ring was lost the afternoon before. Thankfully we were able to bless him for his efforts, skills, time and gas. I enjoyed our visit as we waited for Hilary and Fernandes to arrive after their works, to thank him in person . I highly recommend Brendon, and the others who helped me find him…Ringfinders site, Marshall, And Jes.

Lost Gold/Titanium Wedding Ring Found in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia Garden

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

It’s always such a pleasure to be able to bring joy to someone during the Holidays and this is just one of those stories. I received a call from Scott who had lost his treasured wedding band while out in his garden during the Thanksgiving weekend. Scott was setting up some wire fencing and moving leaves around and realized he had lost his wedding ring. He thought he felt it come off and looked in the area where he believed the ring should be, but unfortunately he couldn’t locate the ring. While continuing to look at little longer Scott recalled seeing an article about a ring finder (theringfinders) who had recovered a lost piece of jewelry for an actor. He located theRingFinders website and subsequently gave me a call. We made arrangements for me to meet up with him the next day.

Scott lives in the dense hills south of Harpers Ferry and Charles Town West Virginia. The trip was a beautiful 45 minute drive through some very scenic West Virginia country and at one point even my GPS was so confused I had to call Scott to guide me through the rest of the trip to get to his home.

Upon arriving I met with Scott and his wife, who showed me the garden area to the right of the house where he’d been working the day before. We chatted for a few minutes and then I got to work. There was some fencing pretty close together in the tight garden as well as several bushes which limited my ability to use the standard detector as I had limited swing. I soon realized I was going to have to do this on my knees with my Garrett detector probe if I was going to have any chance of finding the ring. After moving some of the surface leaves away I started by searching across several areas, inside the bushes near the trunks, across a few small garden step areas…and within just a few moments the probe started buzzing and chiming and I knew that strong sound!! Scott’s ring was hidden just under a large pile of leaves right where he thought he had lost it.


Gold Titanium ring found!

I excitedly sent Scott a text with the picture of his ring and immediately his wife was out on the back upper deck asking “You found it!!?” …at which I held the ring in the air!!

It would have been a disappointing memory to have lost your wedding ring during the Thanksgiving holiday and never to have found it. It was great pleasure to recovery Scott’s ring for him during this special Holiday and to see the happiness and smiles it brought to both him and his wife. God Bless and Happy Hunting!

Time Is Of The Essence! Lost Wedding Ring Found Just In Time. Trigg Beach, Perth, Western Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

All my advertising states it.. Time is of the essence and often the #1 factor in effecting a successful recovery. After receiving a call from Steve today who had lost his Tiffany & Co, platinum wedding ring at Trigg beach this morning, I explained to him that it was important to search for it as soon as possible and that I could meet him at the beach in about an hour or so, to see about reuniting him with it.

lost and found platinum wedding ring

Steve Woke To Find Something Was Missing..

There are a number of reasons that it is important to act quickly but neither of us new that one of them would be present on the beach when we got there. One reason is that beaches and the weather can and do change very quickly, nope that wasn’t it. Another is that rings lost in sand can become deeply buried very quickly. Nope not that either.

Todays very good decision to act ASAP was because metal detecting as a hobby has become very popular in the last few years due in part at least, to the growing exposure to metal detecting through high interest ‘reality’ t.v shows such as Diggers, Gold Rush, and our own Aussie Gold Hunters. As a result our most popular beaches are seeing more and more detectorists racing around on them both in and out of the water and it is a very real possibility for a lost ring to be found by someone else before you have a chance to find a metal detecting specialist to find it for you.

Unfortunately very few of these ring’s are handed in to the Police and even fewer ever get back to their owners. This so easily could have happened today as when Steve and his wife led me down the access track to show me where they had been on the beach, I noted that there was a metal detector operator already searching on the beach no more than 100m from us and coming our way!

Steve had told me he had been having a snooze on the beach and when he woke up he realised his wedding ring was missing. He had spoken to the life gaurd’s close by who suggested he try to find a metal detecting service. After getting home Steve consulted uncle google who suggested TheRingFinders.com directory, where he found RingRescues.com.au and me.

lost wedding ring reunited with owner

No Longer A.W.O.L!

The #2 factor in making this a successful recovery was the very accurate loss location (cheers Steve) on a huge beach. Steve made the search for his ring a cinch by marking the spot where he had been sleeping with an arrangement of shells and I was able to find his ring almost immediately within 2m of them!


Steve told me prior to the search that if it couldn’t be found he may not replace it, but if you think that sound’s like he didn’t cherish it you’d be wrong. They say a picture tells a thousand words, and if that is true I reckon Steve’s smile says a hell of a lot of them in this one!

I can’t imagine ever getting sick of doing this for people, I just wish I could do it everyday… Love what I do…

Happy New Year Steve!


News Report, Dunsborough-Busselton Mail , Western Australia

  • from Perth (Australia)

Link to a news story for my latest recovery in the Dunsborough-Busselton Mail.



Lost Platinum Wedding Ring, Lake Sammamish Bellevue, WA (2015)

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

Platinum wedding band has gone missing. Man searches for hours then finds the Seattle Ring Hunter…

A man was training on his road bike cycling with a group when his ring flew off his finger after loosing some weight. He was certain he knew where it was on the side of the road and spent hours looking for it. After an exhaustive search he found me and I helped him recover his ring on a cool rainy day in Bellevue, WA.

Very happy to have helped this fellow out with a recovery!

See video:

Jeff Morgan


M: 206-618-8194

Lost Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring .. Westwood, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Laycee called me 11-3-15 four days after losing her diamond wedding band. It was custom made with 3 diamonds from her grandmother’s ring and the platinum setting was designed by her husband. “Irreplaceable ”
She could only tell me that it was lost sometime during the family annual Halloween party at her house.
After spending the last four days thoroughly searching the house and the backyard. Laycee and her husband Jacob discussed renting a metal detector to check the lawn and the planters. While searching online they came upon our directory of metal detector specialists. Calling me with a few questions about how service, we set up a time that I could meet them at the house the next morning.
I met them early as they both had things to do later in the day. We talked about what activities Laycee had been doing that may have caused the loss of the ring. It had been a busy day preparing for the party and doing hosting. She did remember showing her niece how to do cart wheels on the lawn..
I started on the lawn which was dried up, because we have a drought in So. Calif. with watering restrictions. The grass was sparse and they had searched it several times. The lawn area was only 40ft.x40ft. so it didn’t take much time to grid it with my CTX 3030. Just as I reached the last grid pass I heard a good signal, looking down in plain view, I could see the ring in the dried gray grass.
I went back to the house calling Laycee to the door giving her the good news. She was in shock, telling me that this was the happiest she has been in a long time. It was an emotional time for her, even as I left she was still amazed that it was not lost forever.. I love helping people find missing sentimental keepsakes.

Ring Recovered  11-3-15           Equipment used Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector


Platinum Ring Lost in Surf .. Corona DelMar, CA. .. Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Matt and Kristy were enjoying a day at the Corona Delmar Beach. They have just moved into the area from Georgia. The surf today was very rough and probably much more violent than they are used to on the east coast. Matt waded out into the surf to his waist then dove under the incoming wave. After getting beat up by the wave he realized his Tiffany Platinum wedding ring was missing.
They spent the next two or three hours trying to find the ring as the tide was receding with no success. Returning home Kristy went to the computer finding my contact information on TheRingFinders.com. I was at another beach a few miles away. After a few questions, I was able to determine that the loss occurred at peak high tide. That’s a good thing, but by the time I got the call the tide was rising again. I told them the most important thing was that we meet so I can get an approximate location. It may require that I wait till tomorrow’s low tide.
We met in the parking lot 20 minutes after our phone conversation. Matt had a pair of dive goggles read to do some searching of his own. I almost didn’t take my detector to the water because the tide was quite high. As a second thought I grabbed my CTX 3030 detector and my long handled sand scoop walking to get the location. The waves were really powerful with a strong back wash which could be a disadvantage when trying to retrieve a target. Otherwise that means when digging a target it is possible to lose it in a violent wave.
I wasn’t very positive about this attempt but I walked straight out to give it a try. Matt was at my side when I got my first signal. He got very excited as I told him, this beach has a lot of aluminum trash don’t get excited. It took probably 5 scoops to dig this between several waves. I’m beginning to believe in miracles because in the scoop was Matt’s Platinum ring.
The beach was crowded in the water and on the sand. They all were watching as I walked into the water with all my gear. When the find was made I held my detector and scoop up over my head in a victory salute.. Applause and cheers from everyone made me feel like a rock star. This was another awesome adventure and again I was just as surprised as everyone. Another RingFinders success story that will someday be a household name when people need help finding lost heirlooms.

Ring Recovered Saturday, 10-10-15   Equipment used Minelab CTX3030 and Stavr sand scoop