Dropped Phone in Lake Sammamish WA Recovery

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

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Dennis contacted me wanting to know if I could retrieve his dropped cell phone from Lake Sammamish. After a quick chat we set a schedule to meet the next morning at the site. It is important to stress the importance of taking proper safety measures whenever working within any body of water with active watercraft. Proper safety protections were implemented along with on shore lookouts to ensure a safe operating environment for this sallow dive recovery. The mission’s sole objective was to recover Dennis’s fumbled cell phone from a very specific identified drop zone. This was not a long drawn out random treasure hunt. As soon as his phone was acquired from the silty lake floor the dive was concluded and the site was cleared for its typical use.

His iPhone 8 was actually located at 9′ of water. The phone was not visually located and was only recovered by the aid of an experienced under water metal detection process in very low visibility.  Dennis reported later that day that his phone actually powered up but had very little batter life after being in the lake for the past five days.

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Jeff Morgan


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  1. Brian Rudolph says:

    Hey Jeff, Fantastic Water Search and Recovery! We have the best representative of divers in The Ring Finders with what you provide the entire Seattle region! So proud!! Awesome article! Keep it up dude!!!

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