Jason Anderson

Cost For My Service

My services are reward based, you decide what is fair compensation for finding & returning your lost item. I charge a $25 call out fee to cover gas and expenses, and a minimum of 2 hours of searching.

Search Types

I can search land and shallow water. I have waders and a waterproof detector if needed for shallow water recoveries. If it's necessary to search on private property, permission of landowner must be obtained beforehand.

Search Locations

I can search within 50 miles of downtown Seattle and downtown Bellevue, and possibly travel further on a case by case basis.

Jason Anderson's Bio

I am an avid detectorist, very motivated and I enjoy a challenge. I am eager to increase my found ring-count, and help reunite you with your ring! I have unearthed 20 rings in 2016! I'd like to use my passion for metal detecting to help reunite people with their own personal treasures! I often am accompanied by my metal detecting partner, Cyril the treasure hunting Boston Terrier. He can help search or he can stay home based on the search, or your preference. I have three cutting edge metal detectors, so I always will have the right tool for the job of helping you find your valuable treasures.

Jason Anderson - Recent Blog Posts

  • Earth Day ring recovery! Ringfinder vs. woodchipper! (2017)

    This week I received a call from an arborist from Bainbridge Island. He and his tree maintenance crew were doing some work at a customer’s property, limbing trees, when he noticed he was missing his prized ring. It was a custom ring made of silver with two diamonds and a large sapphire, designed for him […]

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  • Easter / Passover ring search leads to a quick recovery! (2017)

    While the little kids were out hunting for eggs, us big kids were out hunting for lost treasures! Today I helped to find a woman’s gold wedding band lost while doing yard work. She provided good info and a quick hunt led us to the ring in one of the first places we looked! Found […]

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  • Lost anniversary ring recovered in Redmond after Washington snowstorm! (2017)

    Hello everyone, my name is Jason Anderson and I just wanted to use my first post to introduce myself and my services. I am a very determined detectorist and am looking forward to helping reunite you with your lost items in the greater Seattle/Bellevue/Eastside areas. I am available to hunt for all kinds of lost […]

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