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White gold ring recovered in Greewood Village yard

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Melissa was out making snow angels in the fresh fallen snow with her children and fiancé on New Years Day. This was a quick and impromptu decision so all ran out without putting on hats or gloves. After making their snow angels everybody was getting up and Melissa was shaking the snow off her hands when her 14 kt white gold engagement ring that she received just the week before during Christmas slipped off her hand. Her son is the one that noticed that her ring was gone and the search for the ring began. Their search included raking the snow, moving snow aside with their feet and also taking large pots of snow inside and melting them on the stove. After a few hours of fruitless searching Melissa contacted me about coming to conduct a search.

Upon my arrival we looked over the search are and I put on my hunting boots because there was 6″-8″ of snow in their yard. After 10-15 minutes of searching my White’s V3i gave me a wonderful 12/13 on the VDI meter, I looked up at Melissa’s fiancé and said “I like this signal”. I pulled out my Pro Pointer and pinpointed the signal, it seemed to be hung up in the snow. After pulling away some of the snow Melissa’s ring was revealed to the light of day. Melissa is now going to go get her ring sized properly.

Ring recovered 1/2/2015

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