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Platinum wedding band found in Denver, CO parking lot

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Chris's platinum wedding band

Sunday night December 4, I am sitting in my bed reading my favorite metal detecting magazine when I hear our phone ring at 10:30 pm. My wife’s mother was expected to call that evening so I assumed that that was who was calling. Within a few seconds I hear my wife walking up the stair talking on the phone. Diane hands me the phone and says it is somebody who has lost a ring. I answer the phone and Chris Tatum is on the other end, he is in the parking lot of a pizzeria where he has just lost his ring. He tells me that he has searched the area around his car but cannot find his ring and was wondering if I could come out that night and look for the ring. There are a couple inches of freshly fallen snow covering the parking lot and the temperature is 11 degrees. I realize that timing is critical because this parking lot will more than likely be plowed first thing in the morning. I let Chris know that I will be at his location in about a half an hour.

I get dressed, start getting my equipment together and then I have to explain to my wife why I am heading out of the house at 10:45 with my metal detectors while snow falling in bitterly cold temperatures. But we both agree that this search has to occur now so out the door I go.

I arrived at the pizzeria and introduce myself and Chris explains how he was wiping snow off his driver’s seat when he heard his platinum wedding band hit the asphalt parking lot. It was quite obvious where he and his wife had searched for the ring without any luck. I prepped my Whites XLT with Bigfoot coil and began my search. I began my search over the areas that they had searched by eyeballing the site. Soon I expanded my search beyond our original search area, still no luck. By this time my hands are numb and I need to get my gloves out. I continue my search beside a concrete wall that is loaded with steel reinforcing where I heard the definite sound of a ring come from my XLT. I carefully dug through the snow and got my hands on Chris’ ring. The ring laying under 3 inches of snow 20 feet away from where I had expected it to be. This search took only 20 minutes but it was a pretty intense 20 minutes due to conditions.

Ring recovered December 4, 2011.

A frigid Chris holding his wedding band

14 kt wedding ring found in Denver, CO yard

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Ben Spiking was doing the typical fall yard work of racking up leaves and dead grass, bagging that debris and placing it for pick up. While cleaning up after his work he noticed that he no longer had his 14 kt white gold wedding band on his figure. He immediately began a search for his ring. He quickly pulled the bags of refuse from the back alley and placed them within his fenced yard. He

Ben's wedding band

started to empty the bags one at a time and carefully go through the yard waste.  After three of the bags had been gone through leaf by leaf, Ben realized that going through the 8 remaining bags was going to be a daunting task and may be fruitless as well.

A quick internet search led Ben to Ring Finders and my profile page. Ben called my home phone and left a message which was relayed to me by my wife as I was in the mountains elk hunting at the time.  Where I was camping there is no cell phone service but I had made arrangements to check in back at home every couple of days. My wife gave me the critical information and I called Ben’s wife Kim to set up my search.
I arrived at the Spiking’s residence and Kim gives me a quick explanation of what had occurred the day of the rings loss. I began my search with my White’s XLT with a bigfoot coil. I searched the whole front yard and then the path through the back yard to the gate. I search the remaining bags of yard waste and the area where Ben had searched through the first 3 bags of yard waste, no luck. I then made my way back to my truck and switched out coils to my factory 9 ½” coil and searched the front yard again. There was an area in the northwest portion of the yard with several pieces of shredded aluminum can and pieces of aluminum fascia were just under the surface of the ground. I pulled up several pieces of the aluminum but there was enough metal in the ground that pinpointing was difficult at best. Once again I head to my truck and switch to 4”x6” coil and head back the area with all the aluminum. After another 20 minutes search I found the ring. I spent just over two hours searching this yard,  and even I was beginning to wonder if I could find the ring. But with the right equipment for all kinds of searching you can tilt the odds in your favor.

Ring recovered November 11, 2011.

Kim happy to be holding Ben's wedding ring.

Tungsten wedding ring found in Washington park – Denver, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Joe Gaughan was preparing to play in a volleyball tournament when he plut some sun block on to protect his exposed skin. While doing so he placed his Tungsten wedding band into his pocket of his shorts so that he wouldn’t loose his ring. After playing a couple of games he realized that his ring was gone from his pocket. Both teams stopped playing and got on their hand and knees and searched the court in a organized directional search. No ring was found and tournament had to go on.

Joe is a personal friend of mine and so he texted me that afternoon explaining the situation. We met at the location of the tournament the following Monday afternoon as Joe could not get away from the office till lunch time. He explained the events that took place around the loss of  the ring one more time and took me to the locaiton of the volleyball court. I tuned my detector and within a few minutes Joe had his ring back on his fingure.

Ring recovered June 28, 2011.

Joe happy to be holding his wedding ring. Joe's Tungsten ring

Joe's Tungsten ring

Wedding band found in grass parking strip – Denver, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Adam lost his white gold wedding band one night while walking to a friends house after a night of festivities at one of the local “watering holes”. Due to the amount of libations consumed the true path to the residence was not know for sure. Best guesses as to locations of stopping points to try to rid himself of severe hiccups seemed to be the likely spots of the rings disappearance. The search area could have been several blocks worth of grass strips within the public right of way. But with the information that I had in hand I began my search in what seemed to me the most likely of all the spots. I started my search in a grass strip that Adam had searched on his hands and knees for several hours. Within 10 mintues of search time the ring had reappeard under my search coil. I called Adam who was doing a visual search in one of the alleyways near by. He was a very happy man to get his ring back.

Ring recover June 29, 2010.

Wedding band found in Denver’s City Park

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

The wedding band belonging to Ryan Evans had been lost for nearly 3 weeks. He and his wife had all but given up hope on finding his wedding ring when contact between Ryan and Jeff Lubbert took place. A time was quickly set for a meeting that same night at Denver’s City Park. Ryan described the events that led up to the loss of his ring and the how he discovered it was missing.

Ryan left to go for his evening jog leaving Jeff to his search. About 2 hours later Jeff had found a ring in the area that Ryan’s was lost. A few minutes later Ryan and his ring were reunited.

A quote from Ryan. “Excellent news! Got a call back from Jeff and he met me last night and nearly at the last minute just before he left he found the ring! WHAT A FEELING! My wife was ecstatic and I am getting it resized tomorrow. Jeff couldn’t be a better guy . . . ”