White gold wedding band found in Denver, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

On December 13th David and his wife had a small gathering of friends at their house, one of their friends brought their dog. David being the kind of guy he is, didn’t want the dog to be left alone in the back yard so he spent some time playing with the dog. While playing with the pup David noticed that his wedding band was missing and he went back inside to see if it was there, no luck. The whole of the party then went into the back yard and searched for David’s missing ring, no luck again. Photos from earlier in the day show that David had the ring on so the window of opportunity for the rings loss were narrow. David spent several hours over the next few weeks searching the back yard. Due to snow fall and the holiday season the search for David’s ring had to take a back seat till warmer weather.

On January 16th David found my profile on TheRingFinders.com and he contacted me about searching for his ring. We set up a date and time for me to conduct the search of Sunday the 18th at 10:00AM. Upon arrival at their home David took me to the back yard and gave me a run down of the events. My search area was the side yard which was pretty small and the back yard a nice size yard for an older home. I knew the search wouldn’t take too long as the yard wasn’t expansive. I pulled out my V3i and prepared it for the search, upon starting the machine I could hear all kinds of electrical inference from the overhead power, phone and cable lines. Luckily I had my trust old MXT with me as well so I prepared that machine for the search. After a few potential targets that turned out to be pulltabs my MXT let out a signal that was truly different than any of the others, the pinpoint let me know it was a surface target. I pulled back the grass and there sat a pretty silver colored ring. I pulled the ring from it’s hiding place and hollered for David. He was quite happy to get his ring back and was quite surprised at the speed of recovery, this search lasted less than 5 minutes. David mentioned that this recovery saved him 50 or so years of grief from his wife. We talked a bit, shot some photos and I was on my way home by 10:30. It was a great way to start off a Sunday.

Ring recovered 1/18/2015

  David and ring Davids ring

3 Replies to “White gold wedding band found in Denver, Colorado”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Jeff, that was a fast recovery! It’s nice when that happens! Happy Hunting!

  2. Jeff Lubbert says:

    Thanks Chris! The overhead power supply is why I ALWAYS take multiple detectors to a search, you just never know what you will encounter during a search.

    1. Chris Turner says:

      You’re absolutely right Jeff you never know what you’re going to encounter on your next search. I find I can use my Whites V3i and just knock out two of the frequencies and just use one frequency that way I can find what I’m looking for under power lines.

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