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Gold wedding band recovered, Denver

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Stephen was doing some yard work and putting much in his planters around his house. During the preparations for this project he went to his local Home Depot to purchase several bags of wood mulch which he loaded into the back of his SUV. Upon arriving home he unloaded the vehicle and proceeded to spread and rake the mulch around the planters. When done he went inside clean up he noticed that his wedding band was missing. Considering that there were four mulch beds with many square feet of mulch spread he knew that his chances finding his ring were next to nill.

Stephen started to search the web when he came upon my profile on The Ring Finders and he called me. We made plans for me to come to his house a little later that day to preform the search. Upon my arrival Stephen showed me around and described his pattern of work and how he spread the mulch by hand. I put my detector together and began my search I searched the whole mulch areas and found nothing. I then grabbed another detector and searched again with the same results as the previous search. There was metal yard edging around the mulch areas that would not allow for me to get closer than 3″ – 4″ from it so our next step was to remove that yard edging (which of course meant that it would need to be re-installed). But before we removed the yard edging I asked to search his car. He stated that he had already searched the car a couple of times. Within a couple of minutes of me starting my search of his car I found his ring. He was very surprised that his ring was in the car.

Ring recovered March 17, 2020