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Ring Lost In Okmulgee Found

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

Recieved a call Friday couldn’t get to it so figured it was a spam call.  Today 3/20/22 got a text from the same number.  It was the same guy. Will was his name said he lost his ring.  I answered his call this time and he said you fing rings on Sunday’s ?  I said absolutely what can I do for you? He said he was throwing brush below as you can see in the picture.  He thought at first it was in the deep grass.  I started in the grass bout knee high and nothing switched to the shorter grass and asked him were he was searching . So I backed up roughly 5 feet and o man got that sweet tone on my detector and pulled the grass back there it was nice shiny gold ring. Will wasn’t watching so I slipped it on my finger. I kept swinging for a bit and said you’re ring isn’t in the grass.  He looked at me like I was crazy..  He said it has to be.. I said it isn’t in the grass because it’s on my and held up my hand and he went no way.. He said I didn’t see you slip it on your finger. Thanks Will  for calling…..

Platinum ring returned – Denver, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

During the “Stay at home” order of 2020 David was out playing tether ball with his kids. As he went for the winning hit of the ball he felt his platinum wedding band slid off his finger. He immediately started looking for the ring. After several hours of searching the ring was still missing even though he searched the yard while walking a grid pattern.

After contemplating his options for a couple of days, David found my profile on The Ring Finders and called me. We made arrangements for me to come to his house later that day for me to perform a search for his missing wedding ring. We did a few reenactments with a ring that I had brought with me and averaged the results to locate a start to our search area.

I began my search of the yard and after about 20 minutes of searching I still had not located the ring. During that time I has searched the majority of the yard and but due to the the angle of the sun I could not always see my walking trails in the grass thus I was not confident in my complete coverage of the yard. I went to my car and retrieved some pin flags to conduct a proper search. On my first pass my XP Deus sounded off and right at my starting location of my initial search was the ring. I was probably standing right on the ring when I started my search.

David and his wife were quite happy to get his ring back.

Ring recovered, April 8th, 2020

Canandaigua NY, Wedding band lost in yard, FOUND

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)

Wednesday June 12th.  I received a call from a James (last name withheld) who lives in Canandaigua NY.  Yesterday James was doing some yard work and he walked over the edge of his grass to throw some twigs etc. into the woods.  When he threw the twigs his wedding band of 55 years came flying off and into the high grass along the edge of his yard.  He actually saw the ring as it flew into the high grass.  James quickly realized that he had to cut down the high grass if he was to have a chance of finding his ring.  He went back to his garage and the only thing that he had to cut the grass was a small hand held grass sheers.  So he went back with those small grass sheers and started cutting grass and looking for his wedding band.


James worked somewhere around 2 hours cutting, clearing and searching an area that was about 10 x 10 that he was sure his ring was because he had watched the ring fly off his hand and land in this general area.  It was getting dark so he called it a day and went into the house to tell his wife the bad news.  At this time both James and his wife was counting the ring as being lost and they would have to bear the expense of purchasing a replacement ring.


All night long James was thinking about his lost ring so in the morning before his wife arose, James searched his phone using the following phrase. “ How do I find someone who would search for my LOST RING”.  Now Goggle uses logarithms in their searching and those two works are the key.  James was pleasantly surprised when my name popped up along with my phone number.  He called me and we set up a time for me to search for his lost ring.


I arrived and I started asking all the questions that I need to better locate his ring.  I also asked permission to film him and the search, but James was not happy about that, so I was not able to get any video of the search.  I think James was just a little embarrassed that he had lost his ring.


James showed me that area and the place where he had hand cut the tall grass.  It was down a slope, into the woods.  There was tall grass between the edge of his lawn and the area that he had cut then the “cleared area” and then into the woods. From where he had cleared the grass and also into the woods the forest floor was a tangle of sticks, grass clumps etc.  A perfect place for the ring to hide.


I fired up my detector and started working the tall grass on the side hill that he had not searched between the edge of the lawn and the cleared area.  Although I did get two “hits” in this area, the tones on my machine told me that these were most likely not his ring.  Now I searched his cleared out area but did not get a hit, so I stated working deeper into the woods on a straight line that he had saw his ring flying when it came off.  Just off his cleared area but into the woods deeper, I got a nice solid low tone that most times are gold rings.  I used my pin pointer and moved it around and down into the sticks etc. that are on most forest floors.  Yes it was his ring, but his ring was down into all those sticks and leaves 3 to 4 inches.  I doubt that if James had worked this area he would have found his ring as it had already worked it’s way though all the “flotsam” on the ground right down to the soil.  Total search time – less them 10 minutes.


James was happy, his wife was happy, and yes I was happy.


I wish all searches were this easy

Ring Lost in Tulsa, Oklahoma Found

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

I get an email from Bridget Monday ( 8-3-18) afternoon for a lost engagement ring… She stated she had lost it in the grass at her apartment walking… I arrive at about 4pm…
I started looking and after about an hour of looking a guy see’s us and said what are y’all looking for… Bridget said my engagement ring… He said does it have this an looks like before he could finish Bridget said yes… He said hold on I’ll be right back… He had found the ring two weeks earlier in the parking lot… The smile on her face was something special… Her ring was from Cuba by her fiancés mother.. she couldn’t believe he had the ring…

Lost Ring in Falls Church, Virginia… FOUND! (May 2018)

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

Over Memorial Day weekend, Conor and his wife were spending some time in their front yard when they realized that his wife’s ring was missing. They retraced their activities and knew it had to be in the yard. Conor spent the better part of the weekend combing through the grass on his hands and knees looking for the ring. On Monday, he found The Ring Finders online and gave me a call. Wednesday afternoon I arrive at Conor’s house and he walks me to the search area while explaining what, when, and where they believe the ring went missing. 15 minutes later my detector signals a strong hit, I move some grass, and I see the shine of the ring.  Smiles all around.

Ring Found!

Ring Returned!

Chris’s Lost Ring Recovery Auburn, WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

Chris was doing some yard work when his gold wedding bad got lost in the mulch. Very concerned his wife made a post to social media seeking help from anyone with a metal detector. It was a great pleasure recovering Chris’s ring and seeing it returned to his finger.

Watch video:

Jeff Morgan


Call me today M: 206-618-8194


Phoenix School Ring Lost but FOUND – Baldwinsville NY – after 49 Years

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)


I received a phone call from a lady who had lost her school class ring in June 1966. When she said the year, I shuddered.  Anyway she told to me that she got her ring in the fall of 1965 of her senior year.  She enjoyed the ring all that winter and into the spring of 1966.  In June of 1966 she was sun bathing in the back yard of her mothers house and took the ring off to apply suntan lotion and put the ring on the towel. She forgot about the ring, and picked up the towel to go into the house, but remembered the ring afterword.  She looked, and looked but never found the ring and sadly chalked it up as lost. Upon finding “The Ring Finders” website, she decided to give us a try.
I met with her and she told me the story.  I was not very confident that I would ever be able to locate that ring,  but what the heck I would give it a try.  Although her mother had passed away, she still lived in the same house so getting permission to dig in the yard was not a problem.  She pointed out the exact place where she had the towel and I started searching.  I dug many plugs ( 10″ diameter plugs of sod which then I replaced) and recovered lots of nails, aluminum siding pieces etc.  (Trash)  I was  working out from where the towel had been and then some 30′ away  – BANG  –  I got a great signal.  It was deep (12″) but sure enough there it was.  Her screams of joy must have been  heard in the next block.

Obviously, when she had picked up the towel to go into the house the ring was tossed 30′ away, and because of the grass etc.. she never saw it when she was looking for it in 1966.

Post script.  She called me a few weeks later and said that she was having the ring resized.  She laughed and said she would not tell me if she was having it enlarged or not,  —   but I knew.  She also said that having it enlarged was more then what the ring cost new.

Another post script  She went to her 50th year reunion this year – 2016 – and showed off her almost new ring with very little wear.

Phoenix School Ring


Ring Found: Leesburg, Virginia

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

So July is off to a good start. Around 8pm on July 2, I got a phone call from Lisa; there was a ring lost in her front yard and she needed help finding it. It all started several hours earlier when a young couple had a flat tire on the road just adjacent to her yard. During the course of changing the flat, the couple’s engagement  ring became lost. Lisa and her husband helped the couple search for hours for the ring with no luck, the engaged couple went home for the night and Lisa searched the Internet for ring-finding help, where, thanks to The Ring Finders, she found me. My gear was already loaded, so off I went. I was able to get an hour of searching in that night in the area where the couple remembered losing the ring… nothing. I returned to the scene on July 3 around 12:30. I staked out that area for a daytime search and cleared some of the thicker vegetated areas with my Garrett.  I was joined by the couple around 1:30 and after a few questions, we did some recreation with a “toss” ring that I had in my kit… this gave us a better target area slightly different from the original search area. The engagement ring was back on the happy fiancee’s finger 30 minutes later.

Wonderful people all around. Thanks to Lisa and her husband for kindly helping out two (at the time) strangers. And I want to wish the happy couple many joyful years together

The Happy Couple with their ring.

The Happy Couple with their ring…

…back where it belongs!