William Rink

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

My service is on a Reward basis if and when the item is found.

Search Types

I can search any type of terrain or location including snow and water up to 5 feet deep. If the area your item was lost is private property please obtain permission from the owner prior to our search.

Search Locations

Located in Bellingham, I service Whatcom and Skagit Counties but also available to travel elsewhere on a case by case basis.

William Rink's Bio

Treasure hunting has been a passion of my family and friends growing up and I have been metal detecting on and off my whole life. Love the thrill of the hunt and helping others. Currently I am self employed doing marketing and advertising as Visual Results. Working out of my home, my hours are flexible and I should be able to service you at a moments notice. Hope I can put a smile on your face!

William Rink - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Ring On Bellingham Bridge Over Troubled Waters (2017)

    Got a call from a gal who lost her ring while walking on an elevated path over the water at Boulevard Park in Bellingham Washington. It was a simple gold band but it was a family heirloom that had been passed down to her. She was messing with it as they were walking and off it went, ping […]

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  • Winchester Mountain Lookout – A High Elevation Find! (2015)

    I am very fortunate to have the North Cascade Mountain range and the Mount Baker Wilderness practically in my backyard, here in Bellingham, Washington. We have backpacked and explored much of the area and trails but there was one jaunt that had been elusive and escaped us. My wife and I have never hiked the Winchester Mountain Lookout Trail. We’ve […]

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  • Buried Silver Cache, or Is It? (2014)

    As part of The Ring Finder network I receive a fair share of calls regarding lost rings, well of course, it is probably the most common lost item of value, hence the name “The Ring Finders”, and the item most would like to see back in their hand or on their finger. But what many […]

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  • Lost Fairhaven Gold Pendant Found in Bellingham (2010)

    Got a call this week from a women named Lori who lost a gold pendant. It was a beautiful custom ring and pendant matching set made by a local jeweler in Fairhaven, see article below. About a week ago she realized she had a loose chain hanging on her neck. The pendant was nowhere to […]

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  • Jeweler Metalsmith Artisan Will Be Missed (2010)

    Coenraad Zielstra graduated from Vakschool for Goud en Zilversmeden with his gold and silversmithing diplomas in 1963. But Coenraad was much more than a metalsmith, he was an exceptional artist with his own gallery of rings pendants and jewelry items. His creativity and originality were exemplified by his use of antique metalsmithing tools he brought […]

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