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10 Day Old Wedding Band Lost in the Dry Sand, Found and Returned Sunset Beach NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

A little after 2 p.m. on Sept 21st, I received a call from Cassandra saying her son, Conor, had lost his wedding band and wanted to know if I could help. First question I asked was how long ago, her response was “just now.” My second question was where he lost it, she responded in the “dry sand and he knows right where he lost it.” I asked about parking and she told me I could park in their driveway and she’d text me the address. She also told me that they were under a cabana at the end of the beach access ramp. These are the responses every Ring Finder loves to hear. I told Cassandra I could be there in 30 minutes, grabbed my gear and was on my way.

When I got there everyone was under the cabana. I met Cassandra, Conor and Christina, the new bride. Conor showed me the 3’X3’ area where he had applied suntan lotion to his chest and the ring flew off. I turned my Equinox 800 on, made the offhand comment of “let’s try and find this in under a minute,” took 2 steps and hit a solid26 on the machine. I asked Conor what his ring was made of and he said “white and yellow gold and stainless steel.” I took a scoop of sand and missed the target; my second scoop had the target. I shook the sand out and saw his ring. I extended the scoop out to him so he could retrieve his treasure. Christina said “that was less than 30 seconds.” Conor’s response was “I thought under a minute was a bold prediction.”  Everything was perfect and made this an easy recovery, he just lost it in the dry sand and he knew the precise area. A little more chit chat and Christina mentioned they’d only been married for 10 days.

Cassandra – Thank you for contacting and trusting me to help find Conor’s wedding band.

Conor and Christina – I wish you all the best in your new lives together!



Man’s Yellow Gold Wedding Band Lost in the Sand, Found and Returned Ocean Isle, NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

This ring search started with a phone call from Brock saying he lost his wedding band in the sand on Ocean Isle Beach. He wanted to know if I could help find it. I told him I could be there in 30 minutes. Since it was Sunday, I knew the beach would be crowded with no place to park. I asked him if I could park in his driveway, and he responded yes. I then asked him to text me the address and I was on my way.

When I got to his house, I called him, and he came out to meet me. We walked down to the beach, and he showed me the area where he lost his ring. He had been playing Spikeball and when he reached for the ball, he felt his ring fly off his finger. This is one of those searches you dream about. I turned my Deus II on, literally took 2 steps and got a loud and clear 70 on the VDI (visual display indicator). I took a small scoop of sand, had the target in the scoop and shook the excess sand out and saw his gold ring. I held out the scoop for Brock to retrieve his ring. It took him a couple of seconds to see it amongst some shells but when he did see it, his face lit up.

Brock and Payton – Thank you for trusting me and The Ring Finders to help find your lost treasure. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.



Wedding and Engagement Rings Lost in the Dry Sand, Found and Returned Carolina Beach NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

This ring search started off as a missed call shortly before 3:30 pm on Saturday, Jun 11th. I called back and spoke to Daniel, who wanted to know if I was the Ring Finder who could help him find his wife Kat’s Wedding and Engagement rings. I acknowledged yes and he asked what information I needed from him. I told him I needed the area and whether the rings were lost in the water or dry sand. He said dry sand, and then I asked him if there was a chance the area would be covered in water with the incoming tide. He responded no that they had set up far enough up the beach that the tide wouldn’t be an issue. Then he asked if he needed to be there. I told him yes and that putting me in the right spot raised the percentage of me finding the rings. He then asked the cost and I told him that I do this on a reward or gratuity basis. He was fine with everything, so I told him to send me an address and I’d let him know an ETA. Once he sent the address and I plugged it in the GPS, my ETA was an hour and a half later.

Once I got there, parking became an issue. Finally parked and then stood there with another couple trying to figure out how the pay to park worked. It wasn’t an easy thing, especially when the kiosk wouldn’t recognize the couple’s debit card. That’s about the time Kat called me to let me know they were there. They took care of my parking and then we headed to the beach. Kat walked ahead to find the spot, while I got my equipment. Once in the area, Daniel pointed out the 4 holes their tent made when they set it up. I asked Kat what the rings were made of and she stated White Gold, one engagement ring and the other was the wedding ring. So I knew I was looking for low numbers on the Equinox screen’s for the VDIs. I started a grid search at the back holes. If you ever notice, when people are sitting under tents on the beach, all their stuff is towards the back. In this case, Kat had taken off her rings and put them in her short’s pocket so she could apply suntan lotion and laid the shorts towards the back of the tent. She and Daniel enjoyed the day, and when they got ready to leave she put her shorts back on, packed everything up and left the beach. At some point after leaving the beach, she remembered the rings were in her pocket or so she thought. When she checked her pockets – no rings! Sometime after that is when Daniel did a Google search about finding a lost ring and one of my blogs popped up. So, I’m doing my grid search and on the 3rd line I got a 5 on the VDI. I was fairly certain this was one of her rings, knowing it wouldn’t be deep: I was being extremely careful and couldn’t get the target in the scoop. Finally on my 3rd try I had her engagement ring. I reached in the scoop, pulled it out and held it up for her. She got excited! I figured if one was there, the other one wouldn’t be too far away. Swung my coil and hit a 7 on the VDI, Boom!! I had her wedding band. She was so thankful she had both rings back. I got a big hug from Kat and a firm handshake and thank you from Daniel. I really love being a part of The Ring Finders, there’s no greater feeling than handing back a treasure that they thought was lost forever.

Kat/Daniel – Thank you so much for trusting me and The Ring Finders to help find your lost treasure. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and have a safe trip home.



Man’s Platinum Wedding Band Lost during Wheelbarrow Races – Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Eric called me about 12:30 pm on Friday, Jun 6th, asking if I was The Ring Finder. He said his friend, TJ, had lost his wedding band and wanted to know if I could help find it. I answered in the affirmative and he asked what I charged. I told him I do this on a reward or gratuity bases and whatever was good with him was good with me. I heard him tell TJ and then Eric told me okay. I asked him where they were and was the ring lost in the dry sand or water. He said dry sand and gave me the location. Eric also said that they were there with a group for a bachelor’s party. They had about a 10 ft diameter circle around the area with a blue plastic bat sticking up in the middle of the circle.  I told him I had to run home and get my equipment and that I’d be there at 1 pm.

When I got to the location, there was no parking spots open so I called Eric saying I was there and just trying to find a place to park. After a couple loops around the lot a spot opened up. As I walked out on the beach, it was packed with people. I called Eric and told him I was on the beach and asked which way – right or left. I told him I was headed that way and was holding my detector up in the air. After making my way thru the crowd to the first row of sunbathers, I saw one of the guys running my way waving his arm. Right behind him was TJ. I asked TJ how he lost his ring. He said they were having wheelbarrow races and he felt his ring come off in the sand. I followed them over to meet the rest of the group and then to the circle and blue bat. Knowing the ring was platinum; I knew I was looking for a VDI right around 12 on the screen of the Equinox 800. I turned my machine on, split the circle in half and walked 3 or 4 steps across. Turned around and took 3 steps back and got the 12 on the screen I was looking for. I looked up at TJ and gave him a little smile; the rest of the group saw me and broke out with laughter. One small scoop of sand and I had his ring in the scoop. As I shook the sand out, I asked him if he could hear the clang. I didn’t even look in the scoop; I just held it up for TJ to retrieve his treasure. Total search time was maybe 10-15 seconds. Cheers were loud; including coming from a number of sunbathers who knew what was going on.

Eric – Thanks for contacting me!

TJ – Thanks for trusting me and The Ring Finders to help find your lost treasure.