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Lost Gold Wedding Ring Found in Tigard, Oregon

  • from Oregon City (Oregon, United States)

I received a text from Kyle saying he had lost his gold wedding ring in his front lawn several days ago. He and his wife had tried several different approaches to locate it, but had no luck. He said he had found me on Ring Finders, and asked if I would be willing to come help him out. I told him I could be there the next morning, and we were set.

I arrived and met Kyle, who showed me the area he suspected the ring had departed his finger. On the day in question, we had some heavy rains in our area. As he was moving the trash bin to the curb, he stopped to shake out a tree limb that was being weighed down by all the water. When he let go, the limb snapped-up and he felt it catch on his ring. The area had a nice, thick lawn, which about 3″ tall. Kyle went back in the house to work, telling me to give him a yell if I needed anything, and I pulled ot the AT Gold and started under the tree. I immediately got an interesting hit, but it seemed too deep and scratchy for a gold ring, so I moved on. I started an East-West grid across the lawn. After my second pass, I just had to go back to the signal under the tree. I had to cut a small plug and about an inch down, there it was…a AA battery. Back to the grid.

Right away I heard another good one just on the edge of the lawn. Scraping away dirt I didn’t see anything, but the pinpointer told me there was something there. I pealed back the sod and pulled out a  bent, copper bracelet that had been there a long time. Not being what I was after, I set it aside and moved on. Maybe two steps further and I heard that golden tone. Sweep from the other direction and knew. Pulled apart the grass and there it was. About a 25 min. search.

Us Ring Finders are always looking for interesting ways to return folks lost items, so I called Kyle thru the window, asking him how big the ring he had lost was. He came outside, saying he thought it was something like a size 12. I held up the braclet-thing and said, “So, it’s not this big then?” We had a chuckle and talked about the item, then I pointed to the ring in the grass, asking him “Or is it more like this?” He seemed genuinely suprised to see his ring again and said he ‘Could just hug’ me. We went with a hardy handshake.

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