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Lost platinum wedding band in snow in Toronto, ON

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

I received a phone call from David in downtown Toronto. His Wife Sonya was removing their 2 year old toddler from a stroller. She brushed off the stroller and thought she felt her platinum wedding band fly off into the snow.

After David and Sonya searched for an hour or so then David reached out to me to see if I could help. I advised there were two other metal detectorists registered with “The Ring Finders” directory in Toronto which were much closer than I. I provided some search tips and advised if they weren’t available I could pop down after work the following day as I had a visitor. My visitor was called into work and left immediately. I then called David back to make myself available if the other Ring Finders were not available as I know the misery it would cause and probably a sleepless night ahead for both of them. They took me up on my offer and I left immediately.

I was happy that the crazy Toronto QEW traffic was light and that I had no issues! Toronto traffic can be insane at the best of time non-stop bumper to bumper!

I arrived an hour later and proceeded to the backyard. I could see the backyard was entirely concrete under the snow fully knowing rebar and old metal bits would be and issue. Here I was thinking another ‘quickie’………NOT!!

After 10-15 minutes with the big coil and putting my pin pointer through a workout… I changed out my coil to the small 10” x 5” CoilTek Coil and turned down the sensitivity …. I then re-gridded the area and decided to go towards the pathway into the backyard and BOOM A SOLID 12 on the Equinox and tone was perfect! Even thought David’s platinum wedding band was the same it rang up a 15/16 on my machine!

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First I surprised David…. then David went along with me to ask Sonya “another question” bringing her back outside and of course she was happily surprised!

David and Sonya were so thankful for my help and I was grateful for their immediate generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation! I’m sure if they called one of the other two RingFinders this precious sentimental wedding band would have definitely been recovered either way!!

Thank you David & Sonya!

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Lost Wedding Ring in Draper: Found

Last fall (2021) Joe reached out me after noticing his wedding ring was missing. He was out coaching football in the rain and after practice noticed it was not on his finger. He reached out me shortly after and I went to the football field with him to try to narrow down the search area. A football field is a large area to cover with a 12 inch coil hahaha. I ended up making two trips to the area and found 3 rings before I found Joe’s beautiful platinum wedding band. The ring has rubies and diamonds representing their birth stones. Joe was so thrilled to get it back! The other rings did not having any engravings in them so unfortunately have no way of getting the rings back to their owners. I always recommend to those who reach out to get their rings engraved with their name or something that someone can search and find who it belongs to. You never know when that precious item might find its way back to you.

Rose Gold Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring Flip Magnolia Seattle WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Victoria contacted me asking for assistance in finding her lost engagement ring. She had taken her dog out along side their apartment building when a bee or bug startled her. She explained that she is highly allergic so it was natural to flick her hands and spin around to scare of the critter. In doing so her engagement ring shot off her finger and she recalls hearing the ring landing on what sounded like nearby leaves.

We learned the young couple obtained a metal detector but after laboring away in the yard they simply were unable to locate the ring. This lead to more searching when they found the TheRingFinders.com online and gave me a call. Of course I agreed to perform a search for her lost engagement ring.

After arriving and hearing her recall her account of the incident first hand I was sure of one thing only that the ring did in fact leave her finger and was some place in the yard. With the amount of energy the ring could have been within inches of where she was standing to several feet away in any direction 365 degrees. So it made logical since for me to just divide the whole yard in to a huge grid search knowing if it were to be found eventually I would systematically get my metal detector coil over her ring. Watch the video to see the full details of the search. Pay close attention to where the ring was found and how close it was to having been a much more complex recovery.

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2022 started with building a snowman and losing a ring in Albany Park Illinois

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

Received a urgent request from a student who lost her mother’s ring while building a snowman in one of the first snowstorms of the year in Chicago. Distraught would be an understatement!  Panic stricken….Yes. To complicate matters, she had been throwing snowballs too. She had spent hours searching the snow not realizing she was also packing the snow and making it harder to find. It was 10 degrees out, so not the most enjoyable time to hunt. Took my XP Deus and hunted in 12 kHz in my ring program. Knowing it was a surface find made it easier by raising the coil. I knew it was gold so I expected it to fall in the 40-50 range. However I did not know what the Karat gold it was. First I searched the snowman figuring that it could have been picked up while rolling the snow..no luck. I moves about 2 feet from snowman and got a target at 60. BINGO!! 18K goes higher that 50 on a good sized ring.

Total hunt time…1 minute.

Got lot’s of hugs!!

Kia Key fob Lost! Oxford Neighborhood, N/E Edmonton. Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call from Chantel on Thursday requesting my service to locate her lost Kia key fob and house keys in her back yard or in neighbor’s yard. She explained that her five year old daughter had them and was playing with them in the back yard. The keys had been missing for all most two weeks and Chantel spent many hours looking for them with no luck. I told Chantel that since we have been in a very cold spell in the -40 Celsius for the past week, her keys were safe. I told her I would search on Saturday morning as the weather was going to be a little warmer at -26 and we both agreed.
I arrived at her residence at 10 am! Chantel showed me her back yard which was a small yard and explained that her daughter was playing and throwing the keys around the yard and that there was a possibility that they could also be in the next door neighbor’s yard. I did a thorough search but no keys were found so, with permission, I went to both neighbors’ yards and still no keys were found. Chantel was giving up so I said that they had to be here somewhere! In the corner of her neighbor’s yard was a garden shed and I asked Chantel if she had a ladder so I could check the roof of the shed. Bingo, there were the keys.
As we all know! Key fobs are very expensive to replace. Chantel was very happy to have her keys back.

Lost Platinum Ring at Loon Lake WA…FOUND!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

On the eve of the New Year with a high temp of 5 degrees Fahrenheit, Whitney contacted me about her lost platinum ring. See Whitney had gotten a diamond and platinum ring for Christmas. Loving it dearly she wore it while sledding with her family. With a quick adjustment of her glove the ring said “see ya” as it decided to go sledding too. But like all rings during winter time they come off the hand warmer then the outside temperature and the snow. So Whitney’s platinum ring sunk into the snow and wedged itself in between the rocks below. After I arrived and said “hello”, Whitney and I climbed the little sled hill where the ring came off. Whitney demonstrated the ring toss and I started my grid. Two grid lines down the hill led me to a 16 vdi signal. Quickly pinpointing, the snow showed me a shiny rim and just as I found the ring Whitney had gone back into her house. So I walked quickly over to the back door and knocked. Whitney was still taking off her boots when I held up my hand with the ring. Her mask hid her smile but her words, “Logan he found it!” let me know she was super happy to have her Christmas present back.

Lost White Gold Cartier Wedding Band at Four Seasons Lagoon…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began Monday, 13 December 2021 when I got a text from Nacer who was on vacation from Land O Lakes Florida. Nacer explained his ring was loose and he went to put it on a tighter finger when it slipped from his hand and fell to the bottom of the lagoon. He was in 6-7 feet of water and couldn’t see the bottom to retrieve his ring. Anything over neck deep and I use scuba gear. Nacer sent me a pic from the hotel balcony and circled the area he was in. I agreed to scuba hunt his ring the next morning. It was a two hour hunt and I expanded the search out in all directions but the ring wasn’t there. I called Nacer as they were now in Waikiki. We determined after further discussion that the angle the picture was taken it appeared to be much farther North then where Nacer wanted the circle. I told him when he returned to the resort to take another pic from the shoreline and center the area accordingly. This area turned out to be straight in from the public parking lot. With the surf up the lagoon was getting murky so I told Nacer the earliest would be a Friday morning hunt after it cleared up a bit. On Friday I did the exact same routine as Monday’s dive hunt and still no ring. I gave up thinking Nacer might have lost his bearing in the moment of panic from losing his ring and it could be anywhere. With about 700 psi left in my tank I peeled off South under water towards Aulani. In about 8 feet of water I got a screaming tone on my Excalibur. One wave of my hand and a white gold ring appeared. I looked inside and sure enough it was a Cartier. Thank you Jesus! I surfaced and determined it was about 30 yards from the search area. No matter, bottom line the ring is found. As you can see in the pic it is safely home in Florida with Nacer. Much “Aloha” to Nacer and his lovely wife Hajar who kept the communication going throughout the search and return.

Closure Search Leads to Success

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)


Sometimes I get called to search for an item that “might” have been lost somewhere. When I become that last resort, I conduct a closure search, hoping to find the item but knowing that there is a good chance it won’t be found. In cases like this, I usually ask for a flat rate fee.  Recently I was called up about a lost ring in a parking lot. She was pretty sure she had the ring before she arrived and after running a couple of errands at a couple of locations, she realized it was gone. There was no certainty but she asked me to check the locations where she had parked. I did without success. Later I met with her and searched her vehicle using my endoscope (tiny camera). She had searched the car already but I was able to check all the nooks and crannies. Still not found. When I left, I told her that her ring was not in the locations where I had searched. There were two possibilities. Someone may have picked it up (I left notes at the businesses where we searched) or she may have lost it elsewhere.  Two days later, I received a text with a picture of her ring. She had found it behind some bins in a closet.  Turns out that after my search had eliminated what she believed may have happened, she began to rethink the events surrounding the loss and was able to focus her own search elsewhere. This led to the eventual recovery of her ring.  Just another example of how a recovery specialist can help you.

If you are in the Calgary area, please contact me or if you are further abroad, visit www.theringfinders.com

Lost Silver Gucci Ring at Aulani Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a voicemail from Elyssa who was on vacation from San Francisco. While throwing a ball in the lagoon her Silver Gucci Ring came off in shallow water and disappeared. Since it was dark I told her I’d return in the morning and see if I could recover her ring. Elyssa told me it was slightly right of where they moor the Catamaran. I arrived the next morning and when the sun finally shone on the water I started my search. First target was a pull tab and then a silver turtle pendant. As I was finishing my fourth grid line I got a loud 36-38 on the Nox and I knew instantly that had to be her ring. Sure enough! I called Elyssa about the good news and she met me at the Makiki Joe’s Rental Hut. Vacation back on track. Aloha to Elyssa!

Ring Lost On Longboat Key, Recovered BY SRARC

Lost something important? We can HELP! Our services are FREE! Donations to the Club are accepted. We will send a team of metal detector experts to search virtually any location. Some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks and even your own backyard. If you have lost your ring or any other precious item, “Don’t Wait – Call Now.”

Johannes, Anna, their three children Filippa, Jakob, and Oshar were visiting Longboat Key for a Christmas vacation from Sweden. Johannes knew that his wedding ring was very loose and needed to be resized and had vowed to not wear it to the beach. On the day after Christmas he forgot all this and found himself out on the beach tossing a football back and forth with his son Jakob. He was standing right on the edge of the dry sand where the waves came up lapping at his feet. As he reached out to catch the ball he saw his ring slide off his finger and into the wet sand. He and about 30 other hotel guests spent an hour trying to find the ring and then someone suggested he contact SRARC ring finders. He googled the ring finders and found Howard Mets who contacted Mike Miller. Mike made arrangements with Johannes to meet and a couple of hours later he arrived at the hotel. Johannes and Anna met him at the lobby and let him to where they believed the ring would be. Earlier they had drawn a line in the sand pointing to where they believed the ring was. Mike lined up with the mark in the sand, took about five steps out into the water and hit a target. With one scoop, up came the ring and Mike turned and started walking back to the dry sand. Johannes couldn’t believe that it might have been found but when Mike extended the scoop and he looked inside there sat his ring. He his family and the whole beach erupted in cheers. We took pictures and with smiles on everyone’s face return to the hotel lobby and sat down for a happy visit with this wonderful family. What a Christmas joy to see the smiles on their faces and have a chance to meet new friends from across the pond.

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