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Cell Phone Recovery at the T Dock Greenlake Seattle WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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I received a call from a coworker that his friends daughter had recently lost her iPhone in Greenlake Seattle. She had been sitting on the T dock when her iPhone slipped out of her pocket and sank to the bottom of the lake. I learned it was a new iPhone so there was a good chance this phone had some basic water protections built in. We had high hopes that the phone would still be working after the recovery. After exchanging a few txt messages with Grece and a few screenshot it was very clear where the phone was lost. I told her she would not need to be present during the search. I agreed to head out in the next days to recover her phone and contact her with my results after my efforts.

Upon arriving at Greenlake it was moderately busy with walkers enjoying the park. The weather was absolutely amazing with fresh air pleasantly blowing lightly. The swimming areas of the lake had not been reopened due to social distancing policies so the activity on the lake waters was at a minimum with a few paddlers and some random kids swimming. Having the day at the dock I planned on prioritizing Grece’s iPhone recovery and then spending some additional time doing clean up and treasure hunting at this site.  When time allows it’s alway a great opportunity to pack out some garbage from our local waters. 

Our Greenlake park is extremely popular serving over one million visitors per year. Knowing that this is a very high traffic park and a hand full our our local underwater treasure hunting buddies visit this site often I was not prepared to find as many goodies under the dock waters as I did!

Watch this exciting episode of the SeattleRingHunter in full dive recovery mode to see how many cell phones were actually removed from Greenlake Seattle.

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Jeff Morgan