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This story started with a communication titled Ring Lost in the Sammamish River. My fist thought was that I would be working a flowing river bed but you just never know exactly what to expect until you get onsite to fully understand all the variables at hand.

When Jeff reached out to me he described his situation as follows. 

I work for a wildlife hospital and rehab center in Lynnwood. Yesterday afternoon I found a foster family for an orphan goose. Unfortunately, the only way to get to the family was to swim. I swam the young goose across the river and my ring fell of my finger. I forgot to take it off ahead of time. I think there is a decent chance to recover it since I was wearing a GoPro at the time and can pinpoint the area where my ring fell off. However, I don’t want to go back with my own snorkel equipment and risk disturbing the site and thought I would go right to the experts. Any chance I could get your help?

Jeff also sent me his video footage showing him reintroducing a baby gosling back to the wild. While watching the video I could see Jeff is very attached to his wildlife rescue work.

Of course I agreed to assist him as we continued discussing all the details over a phone conversation. Jeff was very responsive and provided great details. He sent screen shots with detailed maps marked up and was well organized in the retailing of events that took place. Being that he had used a GoPro to document the day’s events he was ver confident in the area he thought the ring was lost. After hearing what he had noticed from his video footage I agreed we had a pretty good change of recovery.  

Not fully sure of what to expect I arrived with a full kit of SCUBA detecting gear and was eager to get started on the search.  The narrow cut off of the rive was a docile waterway like that of an old dirty duck pond to be more exact. This description prove to me more accurate than initially expected. It is apparent the flowing river continues to dump river silty directly into this cut with no flowing outlet. 

At first I attempted to wade through the shallow water and scoop up found targets. However I quickly found this to be quite the challenge due to the enormous amount of silt. I found it much easier to put all my SCUBA gear on hand scoop the targets I found with my metal detector. Using my gloved hands and pin pointer made for a more efficient workflow.

After the fist day of searching and not finding the ring I quickly realized I would need to return and deploy my full size 10’ x 20’ PVC search grid. In this manner I could do a very tight grid search and not miss any critical areas. Having a hand on the PVC grid wile working blind in extremely silty waters has proven to very efficient in the past for this kind of work.  

I arrived the next week for my second search session and straight away constructed the PVC gird. After floating the grind to the search area and sinking it to the bottom I got straight to work. After very short time scanning the thick silty river bottom I pulled a few piece of junk metal up from the bottom. Then no more than eight feet or so from the shore I locked on to a hot signal and sure enough it was Jeff’s white gold platinum wedding ring! 

Later that evening after packing up all the gear I caught up with Jeff and his wife to return his ring. The both of them were so happy to see his ring being returned. Even though they have only been married for a year having made each other rings in a wedding ring work shop they have a great deal of segmental attachment to these rings.

With a rescued gosling reintroduced to the wild

and a man’s lost wedding ring returned to his finger 

all is well…

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Jeff Morgan