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Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Set Returned Golden Gardens Seattle

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

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Lisa called me for help in locating her lost platinum diamond wedding ring set. Two rings not soldered together that she had cherished for the past seventeen years.

She explained to me over our phone conversation how she lost them. The day prior, Mother’s day, her family went out to Golden Gardens beach in Seattle. While on the way in her vehicle she took off her wedding rings, placed them in her lap and applied sunscreen lotion. As so many others have also done she forgot to put her rings back on her finger. As we know this is a very common situation and very difficult for individuals to process after such a loss. 

When she told me she lost them at the the Golden Gardens park in Seattle the day before I became very concerned. It was one of our warmer days in the mid 80’s and I knew there was a lot of people taking full advantage of the great weather.

My concerns were if her rings had fallen onto the sidewalk they would have quickly been discovered by someone passing by. It was my priority focus to ensure we got notice to the community of the lost rings as soon a possible.

I learned from our discussion that her husband was a quick thinker and had already placed a lost item report with the Seattle police department. However they hadn’t not posted any notices to Craig’s List, social media or posted any flyers in the area. Quite often its the other way around. The important part is that Lisa and her husband were very receptive in the suggestions and guidance I offered them.

I was able to coach Lisa on how to properly post to Craig’s List with out giving away any of the details of her precious rings and how to make some simple flyers. I also coached her on how to deal with bogus or difficult individuals that most likely are just out to waste peoples time or try to get money out of them.

I also informed her that one or both of her rings could still be hiding in her vehicle. I explained to her that as a recovery specialist the metal detector is only one of the many tools I use to help locate lost items. 

I offered to do an extensive search of her vehicle with my video endoscope to make absolute certain if they were tucked away under a seat or in a hard to see crack that we would find them.

She made her poste to Craig’s List and headed out to meet me with flyers in hand.

I had searched the whole area and completely searched her vehicle. In the process of checking her vehicle I found a kids ring that got misplaced by her son.

Yet after all the physical searching Lisa’s wedding rings were not to be found. Now we waited and prayed for their return.

Two days later I received this message from Lisa… 

Lisa’s two platinum wedding rings had landed on the sidewalk. 

The rings were returned by an amazing family that found the rings that day and later found Lisa’s Craig’a List posting.

As I always say its not how they get found, but as long as they get recovered…


Jeff Morgan