Lost Wedding Ring Duthie Hill Mt Bike Park Issaquah WA

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Michael contacted me after having found my RingFinders page seeking assistance in recovering his wedding band.  He had lost it the day prior just before all the parks got shut down due to the COVID-19 shut down orders. He and a few buddies went out to ride some mountain bike trails to get some fresh air. Before taking off from the parking lot he placed his black tungsten carbide wedding band of almost two years into his pants pocket. He said he typically uses a zippered fanny pack but didn’t bring it on this day. He then shoved his phone into the same pock and took off on his ride up the mountain with his buddies and dog. When he return to the parking lot he pulled his phone out to place into his car and noticed his pocket was turned inside out. At this point he then realized his wedding band was no longer in his pocket. He told me the parking lot was hard packed dirt and not much gravel at all so it was easy for him to visually clear area around his car. He noted that there was three key places on the hill that he stoped to take his phone out and he was quite sure the ring was still on the hill.

After hearing that his pocket turned inside out when he retrieved his phone at his car I ask him to check his car. I instructed him to look under his seats and floor mats carefully with a bright flashlight to be as sure as he could to rule his vehicle out. He later confirmed that the ring was not in his vehicle to the best of his knowledge and he was most assured it was still at the mountain bike park somewhere. He didn’t witness the ring falling out of his pocket so we weren’t exactly sure where it had landed.

He also told me he lives and works two and half hour up North of the park and would not be able to revisit the site until the weekend. I assured him I would be able to perform a search the next morning and we would be in contact. He started txting me plenty of maps and detailed pins of the locations he remembered taking his phone out of his pocket. The search plan was set. Because of my past experience and combined knowledge of TheRingFinder community I encouraged him to post a Craig’s List add simply stating that he lost a wedding ring a that park with zero details of the ring, to offer a reward and to leave his contact phone number for easiest contact. My concern was to make sure incase someone eyeballed the ring after he drove off they may only search Craig’s List post for a few days and quickly forget to look agin. I wanted to make sure we had this part of the equation covered. I agreed to head out the next morning to execute the field search.

It is so important to act quickly in calling an experienced Recovery Specialist and getting the initial over the phone conversation started! We can’t stress this enough and to those that do like Michael did it more than often pays dividends in a successful recovery. I often wonder why some people hesitate even after finding TheRingFinder.com directory listing and all the successful stories we post why anyone would hesitate even a moment in making that initial phone call. So if you have lost and item of value and are reading this story considering if you will make that call simply stop reading this and pick up the phone. Even if your outside of my area and you need someone to chat with I will help you find some support in your local area and proved a few tips along the way. Even if you think a metal detector would be of no use that is of no matter. The detector is only one of may tools I use though the recovery process and it all start with a simple call and easy chat.

Again much credit got to Michael as this is exactly what he did. He was sharp and on his toes and a pleasure to work with assisting with information in every way possible. The next morning as I was heading out he informed me the night before he got a txt from his Craig’s List post about fining a lost ring but no details or call back. I informed him to expect a few bogus contacts and if anyone has really found your ring they will reach out to you with solid details. I also said this is normal and until they txt you an exact photo of your ring that I would continue with the search and that I did.

When I arrived fully aware of our social distancing mandate I cleared the parking lot to ensure the ring had not rolled into the grass. No ring found so up the hill I went. Through the course of the day it quickly became apparent the most efficient way to find the spots of interest was to FaceTime Michael who was two and half hours away and he directed me to each spot with precision detail and pointed out over the video chat what part of the trail he use his phone. This process went on for a few hours and finally at the last spot of interest I as able to recover his thin black tungsten carbide wedding band beneath some bits of nature partially covering the ring. It really was a team effort and not only the two of us. After asking how he found me he told me another key part of the story. After loosing his ring he went to a FaceBook group for Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Trail and made a post about his lost wedding ring. In that post he wrote, “I know I probably will never see it again, but it is very important to me.” With that cry for help he got quite a few concerned responses and ides. Then Jay Speidell wrote, “I just remembered reading a news story about people using metal detectors to find rings for hire. Tungsten should be detectable. https://theringfinders.com/

Thanks Jay for posting TheRingFinders link I know Michael is very appreciative of your help. It is always exciting being a part of these stories and seeing how they unfold. There is commonalities between these stories but no single story is exactly alike. Some times they don’t result in a recovery but many have found some peace and closure know that a specific area was thoroughly searched and they did all they could. Others stories turn up years later though the oddest of ways. However this story ends with a recovered wedding band and one happy dude ready for another day on the trail.

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