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Valentine’s Day 2020 Gold Wedding Ring Recovery Puyallup WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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I received a simple one line email from Rudy, “Can you help me locate a ring I lost in my front yard please?” That’s all it took to get the process started. We had a quick phone chat and the story unfolded with all the necessary details. Rudy told me a few days prior he had his wife’s diamond wedding ring in his hand when his toddler ran up to him. They were on the front porch and he picked his daughter up into his arms to show the ring. In doing so her arm smacked the ring straight out of Rudy’s had. He put his daughter back into the house and immediately started searching the tall shrubs trying to find the lost ring.  Both Rudy and his wife, Andrea, spent the next several days searching inch by inch. They hand search the shrubs branch by branch and hand sifted the needles below and still no ring. Rudy even took out his own metal detector that he had stashed from a long while back. However not having ever used it before it just made a bunch of senseless noice and was of no use. The day before Valentine’s day Rudy was on the phone with Andrea and since she was deeply saddened that the ring was still missing. Rudy readied he had to find a way to get the ring back. After an internet search on how to find a lost ring he found and reached out to me for assistance.

I arrived on Valentine’s day and the search was on! The yard was small but the couple had become object fixated on a specific area in the bushes. They had spent hour over the previous days looking with no success. They did say they never heard the ring fall so there was a good change it never hit the concrete. I did a focused search from the initial target zone and slowly expanding out when I found the ring just beyond their search area. It had been tucked in the grass with some blown in leaves covering things up.

Watch this exciting story unfold as I search your common everyday front yard for a beautiful diamond white gold wedding ring:


Jeff Morgan