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30 Year Old Gold Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Ivy Patch Bothell WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Janet called me and was very emotional over the recent loss of her wedding ring in her yard. She told me she was married fifty-two years to her husband that recently passed. She was   devastated at the fact she just lost her yellow gold baguette diamond wedding band of thirty years. It meant everything to her for all the memories this ring represented and she was very upset that it was now missing from her finger.

She told me that it had become loose in recent times and on a few occasions it slipped off her finger but she was always able to find it. Because of this she was very aware of the loose fitting wedding ring and was constantly fiddling with it making sure it was still on her finger.

However just a few days prior to our conversation she told me she had walked down her gravel drive way to her mail box. She collected a few small pieces of mail, came back to her garage where she placed the mail down then walked over to her front yard. She then picked up a few sticks and went over to pull some of the ivy vines off a tree trunk before it choked the tree out. She said with a lot of certainty as soon as she walked out of the ivy it came to her immediate attention that her cherished wedding ring of thirty years was no longer on her finger and missing! She then went back into the ivy and started searching for her ring to no avail. Her daughter and son-in-law arrived thereafter to assist her by cutting back the ivy vines in front of the tree. They picked through all the pieces before placing the scraps into a box. They continued to raked the bits up and looked as hard as they could. All this and still no ring was found. After the search efforts in the yard Janet’s daughter did some searching online and found TheRingFinders.com and told her mother to give me a call. 

We believed the ring to be safe on her private property so we scheduled a search with a early morning start. Janet pointed out exactly where she walked and her actions that helped put me in the correct spots. With a confident and experienced effort I conducted the search fo her lost wedding ring.

Watch the exciting conclusion of this ring search on this episode of the SeattleRingHunter searches for 30 Year Old Gold Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Ivy Patch Bothell WA.

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