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Recovered Heirloom Platinum Diamond Ring Toss Bellevue

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)



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I received a call from Christi asking for my help in recovering a very special ring she had lost in the back yard. She explained that she had just removed a rock from her dog’s mouth. She then threw the rock towards the arborvitaes hedge line. The next thing she knew her multi generation family heirloom platinum diamond ring was no longer on her finger!  She was a hundred percent absolutely certain the ring flew off and was somewhere in the yard. I told her I would be happy to help her out and I was on my way.

When I arrived she retold the story informing me this time that she actually witnessed two items fly though the air after throwing the rock she had removed from her puppies mouth. She even showed me where the rock she threw had landed close to the hedge line. This was all very reassuring news to me lining this up to be a fairly straight forward recovery scenario. She also informed me that she had already received permission from the neighbor if we needed to search the yard behind the fence. As I investigated the fence I quickly realized it was a metal chain link fence and the neighbors back yard had a water feature under construction with large rocks with many deep cracks. I prepared myself mentally that this could be a challenging search if the ring landed close to a metal fence or worse went into the neighbors yard.



She also told me she had considered renting a metal detector from one of our local shops. However after seeing she figured it was the most efficient option to call upon an experienced recovery specialist. As many people report she had no idea TheRingFinders even existed and was very happy to have found us.

With my detector in hand I got under way with the search.  Fortunately the arborvitaes hedge line made a great back stop as it didn’t take more than a few quick minutes to locate her cherished heirloom diamond ring. My detector easily rang out a five VDI signal holding true to the platinum ring below. Her puppy even came over to check out what all the fuss was about as I recovered the ring from below the shrubs. Christi was extremely relieved and happy to have her precious ring back on her finger.


I was extremely happy to have recovered her ring and quite thankful it did’t fly past the fence into the neighbors yard. Another ring recovered, another smile earned making for a happy day during a time of global stress and health concerns.


Jeff Morgan