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Yarmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts Lost Ring Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

August 14, 2021 Cape Cod, Massachusetts Lost Ring Returned in Sand Found and Returned

Dang, if applying sunblock is not the cause that more people have their ring slip from their finger I don’t’ know what is. Not the case with Mark. He had removed his ring and placed it safely on his lap but a sudden call from his son and a quick turn caused the ring to slip off his lap and into the sand. After two hours of looking with no ring to be found it was time to call for help from someone, but who?

A chat with the gate keeper, Mark’s hope was heightened, he was told to call the RingFinders, and he did. I got the call and made arrangements to meet up with Mark before he left for home. I then called fellow RingFinder Leighton and together we started a long day of detecting as we met up with Mark and were shown the area where the ring sank into the soft sand. Leighton held back from starting to search the was to give me a head-start. Why? The day before we were starting a search for a necklace. Before starting I helped move a large log from the area. My bad, as within 4 seconds Leighton had unearthed the necklace. So he was going to give me the first search at some of the area.

As is the case many times, the ring was not found until the both of us had search the immediate area and then enlarged the search beyond the area we were told the ring should be in. Not bad, it was only about 15 feet east of the initial search area. Now Mark could return to finish packing for the trip home from the Happy Vacation Land on Cape Cod. Of course it was to be a happy ending to a vacation. And the ride home was sure to be in a car of happy people in that husband / father had his wedding band returned. Great memories for a wonderful week.

Wedding ring found Williamsburg, Michigan lost throwing hay to the horses

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

This adventure started with a call from Tim saying he lost his Wedding ring after throwing hay over a fence to the horses. He said he has been married 27 years and would very much like to get the ring back. Tim and his wife had been looking for the ring for 4 days with a $50.00 metal detector they just purchased to try to find the ring. I told Tim I’m not trying to be rude or hurt your feeling but you are wasting your time with that approach. He told me that was exactly what he wanted me to say and when did I want to come to look for the ring. We still had a couple hours of daylight so I told him I could be on the road in fifteen minutes. I was thinking in my head “Horse + Hay = BRING THE TALL BOOTS” then explained some of the basic metal detector operation and why you needed a better detector and someone who knows how to use it. I can do two things tell you where the ring is not at or find the ring.

Fifteen minutes later I was loaded and headed to Tim’s house. When I got to the house Tim showed me the area he was getting the hay from and the three different spots he threw the hay over the fence. He has three horses he was feeding for the night. He did not realize the ring was missing till he was in the house getting ready to go to the neighbor’s house Saturday night. To myself, I’m thinking we don’t have an exact location it was lost but no big deal the area is pretty small. So I started the search and search I did. I searched the hay storage area twice the path he walked on twice and the area on both sides of the fence twice. So after about 2 hours in I was scratching my head on what to do next. I made a decision on grid searching the complete corral area then calling it a night. I had already told Tim I would return Saturday if I did not find the ring tonight. I switched the coil on my CTX3030 to the big 17-inch coil to cover the area faster. I was on my second pass and got a great sounding target but it was 4 inches down. Was thinking to myself the ring cannot be 4 inches down the ground already it is starting to freeze. Either way that sound needed to be investigated further. I ran up to get my raptor digging tool out of my truck, so, I could dig a big piece of the soil out, not do any damage just in case it was the ring. I had the ball of soil in my hand broke it apart and the ring appeared. I almost fell over thinking that is a big chunk of gold I was not expecting. I had only asked Tim what the ring was made of and if it is a small band or a wider one. Well, I cleaned the dirt off stuck the ring on my finger over my glove held my hand up in victory. Tim came out of his truck to see what I was doing, so, I yelled I have the ring. He ran over grabbed the ring off my finger and gave me a big hug. At that time his wife Deanna just got home and he gave her the news. She asked me where I found the ring then gave me a hug thanking me. The ring was out in the corral about 30 from the fence. Tim and I talked for a minute on how the ring could have gotten that far out. I think it got stuck on one of the horse’s hooves and got carried it out that far and he agreed that something like that happened.

I had a great time with Tim and his Wife Deanna they are both great people to talk to. As I was packing up to leave Tim mentioned he was amazed his wife said there are people that will come and look for your ring. He did an internet search and one of my blog posts came up first. He called me and got his ring back the same night. I told him my stuff is always ready. I can be loaded and on the road in 15 minutes if needed. I went home cleaned the horse droppings off my coils put the battery on the charger ready for the next adventure.




The Ring Finders South Jersey lost a ring we can find it!

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Emily wrote on the Facebook page:

I highly recommend The Ring Finders South Jersey! They found my 2 diamond eternity bands in 5feet of lake water!! I thought I would NEVER see my rings again! John was amazing, maticulate, professional and friendly…and he found my lost rings in under an hour!! Thank you Ring Finders South Jersey!

Ring Found in Attic, Worth the Wait!

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Keith L 1 Keith L 2 Keith L 3

A perfect duo – ATPro and 4.5” Sniper coil – for an attic search

With out this duo Keith would more than likely still be without his father’s wedding band that he had worn for several years. In his original E-mail; Keith wrote “I am not 100% certain but I think the ring fell into about 2 feet of blown-in insulation in my attic. Back in February my roof was leaking, I went into the attic to investigate, and later that evening I realized my ring was gone. If the ring is in the attic it’s in a tight spot close to the eaves, it’s a difficult area to search. I borrowed a metal detector and spent some time searching without any luck. I had never used a metal detector before, and I don’t have a lot of confidence that I was using it efficiently.”

I agreed with his assessment plus it was now May and attic temperatures were on the rise. Also I did not have the best equipment that I thought would locate the ring. I had the ATPro, but not the Sniper coil. A request went out to two clubs and a dealer for help in locating one I could buy or beg, borrow, or steal for a day. No luck! Then in October a new coil came into the dealer and I bought it. Three days later I was in the attic, on a nice cool morning, poking around in the deep insulation. It took about 10 minutes to search the 14 inch space between each set of ceiling joists. In the third area I got a repeatable signal close to a wire loop. I moved the loop and the signal was still there and so was the ring. Seconds later an emotional Keith had the ring on his finger. As I left, Keith was on the way to his mother’s house to show her the ring had been found.



Thanks again for finding my wedding ring, I couldn’t be happier to have it again, and I owe it all to you. At times in the past few months I felt devastated over having lost the ring, but you brought what was needed and I’m so glad to have found it. I’m attaching the photos I took with my phone from the attic. I’m not sure they completely do it justice as the insulation was at least 2-3 feet deep in spots. And here is a recap of the story of the ring, please feel free to post about it on your blog:

My father passed away when I was 5 years old, and 30 years later my mother gave me his wedding ring to me to wear as my own wedding ring. My wife Christine thought it was a great idea to use the ring. The ring is engraved with my parent’s initials and wedding date. I have little memory of my father, and the ring helped to create a connection that was very important to me. In February of this year, during a healthy snow storm, I noticed a water stain on the bedroom ceiling and realized there was some type of roof leak. As you know, the leak was in a far corner of the attic, and I had to investigate the leak on my hands and knees partially buried in insulation. A few hours later I realized the ring had slipped off my finger at some point during the day. The most likely place for the ring was in the attic, and I made several search attempts in the area. I borrowed a metal detector, but having no experience with one, this attempt and all my attempts were fruitless. I thought it was gone for good, and it was then that despair would set in when I thought about having lost it. As I mentioned, it was extremely painful for me to tell my mother that I had lost this ring. But then we waited out the summer, you got the coil, got down on your hands and knees into the corner of the attic and found it. I didn’t tell my mother that you were coming to look, I didn’t want to create any false hope if we couldn’t find it. I was able to surprise her later on Sunday with the ring. I really can’t thank you enough for finding it.