Ring Lost at Pacific Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Jordan was visiting here from out of town and went to the beach with a friend. They were throwing the football around a bit when disaster struck. One of Jordan’s throws was more than just the football. His special ring went with the ball and ended up in waist deep water. Jordan had already left town and returned home when I got a call from his mother Silvia asking if I could help recover it. Surf losses are never a sure thing, but, this sounded fairly straight forward even though it had been a couple of days. At the time of the call, the tide was not in my favor, so, I decided to search a bit after midnight to take advantage of a nice low tide at 2:30 am. The water level at that point should be about 4 feet shallower that when it was lost, so, I was hoping for a wet sand hunt. In getting the details about the ring, I found it certainly was a special ring! It was purchased by Jordan’s grandmother as a wedding gift to Jordan’s father on his wedding day. Not an actual wedding ring, but, a wonderful gift none the less. It’s an 18K, custom, one-of-a-kind beauty that was made in Bolivia and eventually was passed down to Jordan who was devastated that it was lost. This just had to be found! With just a map with an X on it to go by, I started my grid at the south end of the search area. After about an hour and a half of mid-slope to knee deep surf I got my umpteenth pull tab signal (16 on the Equinox) in ankle deep water, but, was happy to see Jordan’s ring in the bottom instead. I texted Silvia that the lost had been found, and that I’d contact her later in the morning after I got some sleep. Jordan’s sister Nicolette lives close by and was able to come by yesterday, pick up the ring, and pose for the photo with Jordan’s football friend. I’m happy everything worked out well, and thank you for the reward.