Ring lost at Cardiff State Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

I was out detecting with a buddy, when a guy named Ian rides his bike up to me and asks if I could possibly search for his wife’s lost wedding band at Cardiff State Beach. I said I’d be happy to do it and that to let me know when we could meet there and conduct the search. He said it would take him a bit to bike there and would text me when he was available. I got the text, actually found a parking spot, and met him at the location out on a busy beach. Ian and his wife were here visiting from a sweltering Tucson, AZ and were enjoying the beach yesterday, when while applying skin lotion. the ring slipped off into the dry sand and vanished. They sifted with fingers for several hours, but, no luck. Looking for a small gold ring, the signal can be pretty low on the scale and weak as well. I figured I’d be digging foil for a while, but, actually didn’t get many signals and ended up expanding the search area a bit more than we thought we would have to. I finally got a weak, but, repeatable 7 on my Equinox and after a couple of scoops, had the ring in my hand. A happy Ian can now go back and surprise his wife of 15 years with her ring….oh, and it’s her birthday today! Happy Birthday and ring reunion! A pleasure to meet you Ian and thank you for the reward.