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Ceremonial Gold Ring Lost on Beach Reef During Photo Shoot .. Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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***My Most Resent Recovery: About a half hour before sunset I received a call from Joshua. He and Maria, his future bride were doing photo shoots with the bridal party at Little Corona Beach, located in the city of Corona Delmar. Maria tried to remove a small gold ring from a ring box when it slipped from her fingers landing in a mass of reef rocks and sand. This whole photo shoot was co-ordinated to happen as the sunset. They proceeded with the series of photos even thought the ring couldn’t be found. 

One of the persons with them found my information online. After a short conversation. I told them i was only a couples miles from their location and would be there within 20-25 minutes. I needed at least one person to show me the general area. They had dinner reservations for the 10 people in the   bridal party and could not stay while I searched. “No Problem “ for me, once they showed me the general location. After finding the super small gold ring. I would drive to the restaurant to return it.

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