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Silver Ring Lost in Sand at Newport Beach, CA. Found and Returned

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** Sophia called late in the afternoon asking for help to find a silver ring lost in the sand at a local Newport Beach. I met her and her husband, Joseph at the location shortly after they called. He didn’t know when or if the ring came off at the beach. He did discover it was missing from his finger within minutes after getting to their summer rental two blocks from the beach.

They had dinner reservations and could not standby to watch the search. I had all the information I needed, so I assured them I could find the ring, if it was in the sand and I could call them. The area was quite large but shouldn’t take more than 2 hours to search thoroughly.

After about 30 minutes, I got a strong silver high tone in my headphones which turned out to be Joseph’s silver ring. He met me after they returned from dinner to pick up his ring. He’s a bit camera shy, so you get to see me trying to smile, holding the ring. It was another special day with a successful ring recovery. 

How to Find a Ring Lost in a Construction Site Using a Metal Detector .. Rancho Cucamonga CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


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*** Shaun had walked out of his house in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. when the  strong wind blew his hat of his head. He instinctively threw his hands up to catch his hat. That’s when his wedding ring flew off his finger. 

After a couple days of searching his yard that was in the process of a landscaping project he decided he needed help. Shaun had did a little research and was able to get a recommendation to call a member of TheRingFinders. His first question to me was, to ask if I could come 60 miles to do a search in his yard. Not a problem for me. It was only a little more than an hour drive.

When I met Shaun he showed me where he had been standing when he threw hands up to catch his hat. Directly in front of him was the sidewalk with short artificial turf between the sidewalk and curb. All that area did not have any place that could hide a ring, although wedding bands have been known to hit hard surfaces rolling quite a distance.

After doing a simple visual search of the sidewalk and street. I began an search the construction area where there was a block wall being built. It was difficult to walk over the slight slope covered with good size rocks. After about an hour into the search, I got a good signal from my metal detector. Up against the bock wall hiding in the shade of a medium size rock was Shaun’s ring. I called him over to look at the location it was found. He told me that he was sure he would have never found the ring without my help. I know it was hard to know what direction or how far the ring had gone because the loss happened so fast. Once the construction workers returned to finish the work, I’m sure the ring would have been buried or removed with the excess dirt and rocks.

Most important is Shaun has his ring back where it belongs. It was also nice to see the happiness and grateful response he showed me. I love doing ring recoveries.

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