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Happy New Year Lost Car Key Fob Found and Returned .. Venice Beach, CA

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… First day of 2020, Naomi and her family were at Venice Beach playing on a 25 foot high sand berm when she realized that her car key fob was lost. After searching for a couple hours without success. She went on line to see about renting or buying a metal detector. She did find TheRingFinders directory that helped her call for help. 

When I talked to Naomi she was confident that the key was in a small area. I told her I would be there within an hour and we had a good chance to find the key fob. Especially if they could be there to meet me. I didn’t ask any more questions as it is more important to get on the road. ( one minute is one mile )

When I met Naomi and her husband, we walked to the massive sand hill that they push up in the winter time to protect the beach. Kids like
to take cardboard and plastic to slide down the steep sand. They believed the lost key fob was on the hill or at the bottom where they had set while watching their kids.

I grid searched the top of the hill and went to the bottom dreading the search of the steep incline. On my first pass of the bottom of the hill, “Boom” a  TDI reading of 23 on my Minelab Equinox metal detector. One scoop then inside was the key fob. Naomi’s husband couldn’t believe that the fob was in a spot he had searched.

A very nice couple that I enjoyed meeting and so happy that we had a successful search. Happy Start to a 2020 New Year.


“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “  Stan the Metal Detector Man

Lost Wedding Ring at the Beach from Beach Chair Cupholder… Laguna Beach, CA.

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Ed called me from his home in Rancho Cucamonga after losing his ring at a small beach cove in Laguna Beach, CA. He stumbled onto the TheRingFinders website while trying to seek information about renting a metal detector. 

He told me that his wedding ring was in his beach chair and had fallen out as he left the beach. Now he was 60 miles away from the beach.

Knowing this beach very well and I was less than 8 miles away, I told him it would be unnecessary for him to meet me at the location. Such a small beach, I could be there and grid search the whole area in less than an hour. 

It was already dark when I arrived. I went directly to where Ed described he had been earlier that day. A few bottle caps and pull tabs then, BOOM, ED’s Tungsten Wedding Ring in the scoop. I sent a photo of his ring and he was able to pick the ring up at my place before 10 pm.  I love being able to have the time and the equipment to help people like Ed find such sentimental irreplaceable items like wedding rings.

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