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Gold Wedding Ring Lost in a Irvine, CA. City Park .. Recovered in the Grass by a Ringfinder

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*** Ben and his family had a birthday party for his daughter at a local park in Irvine, CA.  He didn’t notice his gold wedding ring missing till after they returned home. The next morning he went back to the park searching the grass. After a couple hours, Ben went to the internet for ideas about searching for a ring in the grass.

He found TheRingFinders website where he used my contact information to call me. After a short conversation where he said he was at the location now. I said if he could wait a there, I could meet him within 30 minutes. He agreed and I was on my way to the park that was less than 5 miles from where I live.

Meeting Ben on the lawn area of the park, he showed me where he thought the loss occurred. I started a grid search using a metal detector set up for gold ring that should be less than 2” or 3” deep in the grass. Fifteen minutes later he came over to me saying this was not the actual area where they had been yesterday. 

I started in the new search location 50 ft. to the north and within 20 minutes I received the magic signal that was Ben’s gold ring deep at the base of the grass, totally out of site.  He and his wife were so grateful to have such a sentimental ring that he has worn everyday for 23 years.