White gold and Diamond ring recovered in Westminster, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Heather and her husband were out at their vehicle during one of our snow storms. Heather was brushing the snow off her husbands jacket when her ring slid off her finger  and disappeared somewhere in the snow outside their apartment complex. They spend a couple of hours searching for the ring, even borrowing a metal detector to aid in the search. The borrowed metal detector added to their confusion as it was continuously sounding off.  After doing all that they could do to recover the ring they called me in hopes that my experience and quality of equipment would make the difference. Heather called me, and we talked about the loss of her ring and their attempt to find it. During that conversation we set up a time that night for me to come to their place after I got off work to conduct a search.

As I pulled into the apartment complex that night the snow had been coming down for a few hours and the temperature was falling quickly. Heather and her husband met me at the site of the ring’s loss and once again we went through their story of the loss of the ring. They showed me how she brushed off her husband and where they were standing when this all happened. The search area was small but loaded with shrubs and grasses that were all covered in several inches of snow. I went to grab my detector and Heather headed into the apartment to talk with some friends that had come over for a visit and to go out for a meal. I turned on my XP Deus and made my first swing when I heard a good signal, within a few seconds I had the ring in my hand. Heather hadn’t even made it into the building yet when we were yelling for her to come over to get her ring. She was shocked and EXTREMELY happy, a couple of tears rolled down her cheek as she thanked me.

Ring recovered January 7th, 2020

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