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Custom platinum wedding ring found in Denver yard

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Tom and Jamie were shoveling snow from our recent record snow storm from the sidewalk that goes from their back door to their garage. Jamie decided that this was the perfect time to make a snow angel. After getting up from the snow Jamie shook the snow from her arms and hands. In doing such Jamie’s wedding ring went flying off her hand and it disappeared into the snow with no indication on where it went. They tried a brief search for her ring but then realized that they needed some help that is when they found my profile on

Tom sent me a text message asking if there was a possibility that I could help them. We made arrangements to talk via phone after he was done with work. During that conversation I learned of the circumstances of the loss of the ring and I agreed to come search. I prepped my gear and headed out the door. After arriving at Tom and Jamie’s house Tom showed me the search location. I grabbed my Garrett Apex, made some adjustments due to heavy EMI and began my search. Within seconds of starting my search I received a signal that was promising, I pinpointed the target, removed a bit of snow and there was Jamie’s ring. Jamie’s ring is a custom made platinum ring set with stones from heirloom rings.

Ring recovered 3-17-2021