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Custom platinum wedding ring found in Denver yard

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Tom and Jamie were shoveling snow from our recent record snow storm from the sidewalk that goes from their back door to their garage. Jamie decided that this was the perfect time to make a snow angel. After getting up from the snow Jamie shook the snow from her arms and hands. In doing such Jamie’s wedding ring went flying off her hand and it disappeared into the snow with no indication on where it went. They tried a brief search for her ring but then realized that they needed some help that is when they found my profile on

Tom sent me a text message asking if there was a possibility that I could help them. We made arrangements to talk via phone after he was done with work. During that conversation I learned of the circumstances of the loss of the ring and I agreed to come search. I prepped my gear and headed out the door. After arriving at Tom and Jamie’s house Tom showed me the search location. I grabbed my Garrett Apex, made some adjustments due to heavy EMI and began my search. Within seconds of starting my search I received a signal that was promising, I pinpointed the target, removed a bit of snow and there was Jamie’s ring. Jamie’s ring is a custom made platinum ring set with stones from heirloom rings.

Ring recovered 3-17-2021


Platinum ring lost while doing yard work returned, Denver Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Easter Sunday morning Ben was preparing his backyard for the upcoming Sunday dinner and gathering. Games were played that afternoon and plenty of quality family time was had in the back yard. Soon after the festivities ben noticed that his platinum wedding band was missing. He and his wife Anna spent time searching the back yard visually but they had no luck finding his ring. Ben then borrowed a metal detector from a friend and searched the yard, once again luck was not with them. Anna went to her LinkIn account to get rid of some of her notifications and she noticed a notice from my profile of a work anniversary since we had worked together years ago. She contacted me stating their situation, we quickly formed a plan for me to search their yard as I was leaving on vacation in a couple of days.

When I arrived Ben showed me around the yard and explained what had happened the morning and early afternoon of his rings disappearance. I grabbed a few detectors from my truck and began my search pattern. On my first pass of the yard I heard a good signal from my metal detector, I looked down and there was the shinny outline of a ring hidden amongst the grass. I placed a screwdriver with its tip over the ring and went to get Ben. When I knocked on the door Ben was a bit taken aback by my quick return to the house. I told him to look at the blade end of the screw driver, it took him several seconds to see his ring laying in the grass. He was very happy to get his ring back and Anna was in tears. They had had a baby just six days prior so her emotions were running pretty high.

Ring returned 4-12-2018


Platinum wedding band found in Erie, Colorado yard

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

David was out doing some yard work, back filling around a retaining wall and raking leaves, when he lost his platinum wedding bad. He rented a metal detector from a local store in an attempt to recover his ring. But like most novice detectorists, he didn’t have the necessary skills to find the ring.
David found my profile on The Ring Finders and called me for assistance. We set Thursday morning for my search. Upon my arrival David showed me around the yard and explained what he was doing that day. He then showed me the three bags of leaves that he collected the day his ring went missing. While looking over the bags he explained how used his hands to sweep the leaves into the bags.
David then left me to do my search while he ran to do some business. I grabbed my CTX and began my search starting with the bags of leaves. There were no signals in the bags of leaves so then began to search the back yard. Within a couple of minutes of starting that search my CTX gave a nice 12-15 reading and the pinpoint showed a depth of zero, I knew I had found David’s ring without even seeing it. When I parted the grass there sat David’s ring staring up at me. I placed my probe in the center of the ring, turned off my machine and waited for David to return. He was surprised and very happy to get his ring back. He wasn’t optimistic about me finding his ring due to the fact that had performed the search previously. Luckily I have the skills and tools to perform the tasks.

Ring recovered 10-19-2017

David’s ring hiding in the grass

Lost Ring off Balcony … Recovered … Long Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)







Last week I received a call about 9am from Luis asking me if I could help him find his platinum wedding band. Luis had looked for the ring for a whole day and a half. Then he got online thinking he could buy or rent a metal detector. Finding TheRingFinders directory and he decided to call me.  He lives on the third floor of a high rise apartment complex. Standing on his balcony sweating the dust off a cushion, he heard a ping sound but didn’t realize it was his wedding band hitting the floor. A couple minutes later he realized that he was missing his wedding band that he has had been wearing for fifteen years. We discussed the details of the search area and I decided it would be better to wait till 3pm to meet up with him. It sounded like it was possible that the ring could have landed in his neighbor’s the ground floor patio which is about 3 feet larger than the upper floor balconies. We would not be able to search that patio, because neighbors had not returned from their weekend trip.

I had about 5 hours to put together a game plan for the search. Not knowing the location my mind ran through all kind of possibilities. When I got to the building I saw two sets of balconies. One set of had a big garden area with a lawn lawn in front of it and the other had a small garden area with a large asphalt driveway leading down to an underground parking lot. I was hoping the one with the lawn was going to be where Luis lived, because it would be more detector friendly. Well, it was the other area with the small garden. It only took about a half hour to go through it with my detector followed up by crawling around with my pin pointer ( hand held detector ) checking all the hard to get at spots. It’s important to keep the right frame of mind. It’s easy to give up on a search just before the miracle happens. I wasn’t looking forward to checking the underground garage and the drain, covered by a grating that couldn’t be removed.

Luis’s wife Melissa came down to tell us we had permission to get into the neighbors patio. We went into the patio and the first thing I saw was a mass of large potted ferns in corner most probable place for the ring to be. It was also loaded with many dry leaves. It looked like it was going to take some time to do a thorough search. Luis started looking on one side of the patio and I started scanning around the potted ferns using a  small 6″ coil on my detector. It was hard to stay positive looking at the mass of ferns.  Before starting to look through the fern leaves, I checked against the wall and the miracle happened. I saw the ring hiding in the leaves against the wall. Without touching the ring I took a couple photos of the ring before I called Luis over to see it. Again I don’t know who was happier, me or Luis.   ” The ring wasn’t lost, it was just waiting to be found “

Lost Ring … Laguna Beach, CA. … Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Friday .. January 10, 2014

It’s winter in So. Calif. and people are still going to the beach. I was in Huntington Beach doing some detecting when I got a call from Scott. He was in Laguna Beach at a small cove located at the end of Moss St. He and his wife Shauna had recently moved here from Denver and had spent the day at this beautiful beach with their two daughters. Scott’s platinum wedding band slipped off while throwing a football. It was getting dark when he called me and I asked him if he could wait 35 or 45 minutes as I was 15 miles up the coast. The tide had already peaked so we still had a chance to locate it. When we met he walked me down to the location he thought it came off. I stood back about 25 feet and told him I needed to adjust my settings on my detector. When I put my coil down on the sand to take the first swing I got a hit (metal tone on my detector).There it was a nice platinum ring. It was from past experiences that I chose to start my search  back from where he thought it came off his finger. This time it worked to make it a quick recovery.  They were very surprised and happy to have the ring recovered. Shauna told me that this ring has quite a story. This was the 7th or 8th time it has been lost and found. Scott told me he was going to have it resized, but he made sure he put my phone number in his contacts.

Two days later, Sunday 1-12-14 , I received another call from Jim about another lost platinum ring at another small cove in Laguna Beach. I drove from La Jolla Shores, CA. and we met at 7pm. The tide was high. He and his wife had come to the beach with their two kids to explore the tide pools earlier at low tide.

Jim”s story was different than Scott’s as he did not realize his ring was missing till he and his family were diving home. The ring would have been lost at low tide if it was lost at the beach in the sand. He did review some photos the had taken while at the beach  and the ring was on his finger. I did a grid search that evening for more than an hour and returned the next day an hour and a half before a minus .5 ft. low tide. This time I spent 3 hours searching all the sand area the size of a football field. This year I have found about seven rings after they were lost in the water. Most were lost at high tide and they were still recoverable even several days after they were lost.  This time I was unable to recover Jim’s ring. All searches are not successful.

I have several top of the line detectors. My favorite is the Minelab CTX 3030 and I use it for most of ring searches.




Another Lost Ring.. Laguna Beach, CA.. Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I had just found a 56 year old ring for Marco about 20 minutes before and was only about a block from where I found Marco’s ring.  David came walking up to me and I figured he wanted to ask me ,”What’s the best thing you’ve ever found ?” I hear this 5 or 10 times a day when I get out before everybody leaves the beach.

David did look a little serious and he asked me if I could find a platinum ring he had lost the night before. I told him this is what I do and it should be easy if he was sure of the general area. This is what he told me. He was sitting on a stair step and fiddling with his ring(kind of rolling it with his other fingers) when it popped off right in front of him in the dry sand. He could not find it that night. The next morning he came directly to the place where the platinum ring slipped off his finger. This time he had equipt himself with a bucket, shovel and a sifting tool. David had excavated a 5 foot square area down about 8 or 10 inches and all the sand that had been sifted through the screen was piled up on  a rock. He was very organized and said he had spent more than two hours working his project.

I thought possibly the ring could have got buried too deep to find, because of the amount of sand that was moved. Trying to stay possitive, I searched the pile of sand and the excavated area. Then I did a couple passes of the coil just 3 or 4 ft. to the right of his digging. Right away there was a hit. A nice strong signal and up popped a beautiful platinum ring when I dug it with my scoop. I will not try to retrieve it with my fingers, because I know it is almost impossible. It just keeps slipping through your fingers..  David could not believe that it was that far away from where it dropped. He and his wife Kimberly were very happy to have their ring back and promised to recomend The RingFinders to all their friends and customers. They own a business in Laguna and have seen me on the beach before but didn’t know about our service.

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