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Ladies 14k Gold Bracelet Lost at a Soccer Field, Dechene Park, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Jennifer called me yesterday afternoon! Asking if I could help her find her lost bracelet at a soccer field earlier that day, Jennifer told me she had a whole class of kids searching the grounds. They did find her pendant but could not find the bracelet. I agreed to meet her at the soccer field at six forty-five which it was starting to get dark at that time Jennifer told me the bracelet was given to her by her husband 30 years ago so it had a very sentimental value to her and imperative that the bracelet be found.

Jennifer took me to the approximately location where the pendant was found I placed my markers and told Jennifer to place other markers around the field where she thought she had walked before realizing that the bracelet was gone.

After about one hour searching her bracelet was found she could not believe how come the kids could not find the bracelet I told her without the markers it’s hard to concentrate on the field if you have no reference points to go by?

Thank you Jennifer for allowing me to help locate your lost Bracelet.

Heavy Gold Bracelet Lost in the Bouganvelias Found by NaplesMark Metal Detector in Ft. Myers

  • from Marco Island (Florida, United States)

[April 13, 2019 – Ft. Myers, Florida]  While cleaning up after doing several hours of heavy gardening and planting bouganvelias, Jason noticed that his gold bracelet, the one he’d had since high school, was missing.  After retracing his steps without any luck, he searched the web and found website – calling the right person for help.  I was there within the hour and the rest is history, “what was once lost has been found.”  Another smile and huge sigh of relief, another happy customer and “Thank You!” says it all.

If you’ve lost a ring or sentimental item, don’t wait, for it’s only lost until you call.  With years of metal detecting experience and numerous recoveries and even more finds, the testimonials and results are why you need a professional.  Call Mark (239)500-RING [7464], servicing Naples, Marco Island, Ft. Myers, Bonita Beach, Estero, and greater South Florida.