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Lost late fathers gold wedding ring in Lincoln, Nebraska

  • from Lincoln (Nebraska, United States)

Ethan found us through ring finders after searching his best. He called me around 10:30 am and was flying out of town at 3pm. He gave me some details and my boy and I headed off. Ethan was loading some spring clean up into the truck and saw his late fathers gold wedding band that he himself used in his wedding 3 years ago was not on his finger. He did a great job explaining everything to us. We figured it should be a quick job. Ha, 45 minutes later we were dumb founded as to where it could be. Well 5 minutes later I wandered to where the truck was parked in the garage, concrete full of rebar and started the fun of watching for signals in-between rebar blasts. Boom 57 on the AT Max, it had landed in a crack between the garage concrete and the drive concrete and was covered by dirt and debris. I carefully extracted it and my boys will never forget his genuine smile as I presented it to him.