Lost Engagement Ring From Emerald Isle Pier Found By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Well, Dog Gone!

Jayme was on the Sound side of Emerald Isle on a hot sunny day.  She removed her ring to apply sunscreen and placed it onto the blanket on the bench.  A small dog that came along for a swim was also on the bench and moved the towel causing the ring to fall between the pier slots and into the murky waters.  A plea on Facebook once again helped connect Jayme with Crystal Coast Ring Finders a proud member of the global organization The Ring Finders.  I quickly went to work in he hip deep water and after numerous iron signals, my Minelab CTX-3030 located a non-ferrous item near the drop area.  I used my pinpointer to go underwater and felt it vibrate all of the way back out of the water with Jayme’s engagement ring in hand!  Jayme’s tears were a sure sign of how important this sign of love means to her!



4 Replies to “Lost Engagement Ring From Emerald Isle Pier Found By Crystal Coast Ring Finders”

  1. Lisa Tilley says:

    I am Jayme’s aunt and I am so very thankful you found her ring. She is definitely marrying the love of her life and that ring means so much to her. Thank you for helping her find it!

    1. Steven Ray says:

      I admit I take great joy when I can find items that mean so much to people. Some returns seem as if it’s not a big deal. Other’s, like Jayme’s, bring me a great satisfaction that I helped return an item that most think is gone forever!

  2. Margaret Lowe says:

    I am Jayme’s grandmothet. Thank God for people like you. I am so glad you came out and found her ring for her. I know what it feels like to lose an engagement ring and not be able to find it. I am so grateful and thankful for your help. Jayme is marrying the love of her life and her best friend October 16. Thanks ever much

    1. Steven Ray says:

      You are very welcome! It’s one of the best jobs in the world!

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