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Damascus Steel Ring Returned – Boulder, Colorado

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

We had a warmer than normal Halloween this year so Chris spent the day doing yard work before taking his young daughter out to hand out candy (she is too young for trick-or-treating). While waiting for the neighborhood kids to come around Chris spent some quality time playing with his daughter in the front yard. The following day he noticed that his wedding ring was missing so he and Jess, Chris’ wife spent hours looking for his ring. They turned the house inside out and looked in the planters that he was working in and also looked throughout the yard with no luck. Monday Chris found my listing on the TheRingFinders directory and called me. After a brief discussion we set my search for the following evening.

After my arrival Chris gave me a quick tour of the yard where he had worked, brought out a bag of leaves that he gathered while doing the yard work and showed me the part of the yard he and his daughter had played in. I searched the front yard where he spent time with his daughter and then moved my way to the back yard. I ran my White’s MXT over the bag of leaves and it sounded off. Due to the ring’s material the signal wasn’t a great one, but there was definitely a signal in the bag. I carried the bag over to one of the raised planters and checked it for signal, none were in the planter. I grabbed a large couple handfuls of leaves and placed them into the planter, the signal was in this pile of leaves. As I moved the leaves around with my pinpointer and eventually the Chris’ ring came into sight.

Chris and Jess were quite happy and a bit surprised that I found the ring.

Ring recovered 11-3-2015

20151103_172416  IMG_1462IMG_1460

White gold ring recovered from Boyd Lake in Loveland, Colorado

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Troy was playing with his two young daughters in the lake at Boy Lake State Park when his ring slipped off his finger. Troy and his wife used the diving mask that their daughters had with them to search for quite a while. They did recover another ring during their attempt to find Troy’s ring, this ring was turned into the ranger station. But their efforts to find Troy’s ring were not successful.

Troy contacted me and we set a date and time to perform a search. Upon arrival and a quick talk about the circumstances that lead to the rings loss, I grabbed my equipment and headed toward the beach. Troy thought he was in waist deep water when his ring was lost, but his daughter (10 years old) remembered being in chest deep water. So my search area was a bit larger than I had hoped for. I took my search out to chin deep on me and started searching into shallower water. Troy was beginning to give up hope when I got a good signal on my CTX in waist deep water and sure enough it was Troy’s ring. We made our way to the beach and that is when I noticed that Troy’s waist is about the same height as his daughters chest.

Ring recovered July 14th, 2015

Troy and ring Troy's ring - 1

White gold earring lost in Centennial, Colorado – Returned

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Alexis was playing volleyball with her family and friends in her sister’s yard when her earring got caught in the net and flung into the yard. Luckily one of her opponents had seen the earring get launched but did not see exactly where it ended up. The volleyball game halted and the search for the lost earring began but luck was not with them as the earring remained hidden in the long grass. Alexis’ sister, Stephanie, found me through The Ring Finders and contacted me about searching for this precious lost item. We made arrangements for a search on a Thursday evening.

Upon arrival Stephanie explained how the earring was lost and showed me the location that Alexis was in (marked by a couple of tent stakes). I tested the remaining earring on my V3i in several programs before I found a program that would respond to such a small bit of metal. I began my search in the area of the tent stakes and found no earring so I expanded my search area. Within a couple of minutes I received a signal similar to that of my test target. As I parted the grass I could see the shape and color of the lost earring, I looked up at Stephanie and said “I found the match to that earring”. We called up Alexis and let her know that the earring had been found, she was quite happy. About 15 minutes later there was Alexis ready to get her pair of earrings back.

Earring recovered 7-2-2015

Alexis & earring Alexis' earring

Lost platinum eternity ring found in Centennial, Colorado

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Kathleen was out planting flowers in the yard of their home in Centennial, Colorado. While shaking open a garbage bag to put old, dead plants in her 3 ring platinum eternity ring slid off her hand. Kathleen had seen people searching with metal detectors in the past and knew that the newer machines would be expensive to purchase and complex to understand. And that rental machines may not be good enough to get the achieve success and with no knowledge of how to set up a detector. So Kathleen decided to find an expert detectorist and ended up calling me through TheRingFinders.

I was out at a wine tasting when Kathleen called and I did not hear my phone ring so she left me a message. Upon seeing I had a message I returned her call. We talked for a bit and set up a search for the following morning.

After arriving at their house Kathleen and Michael (Kathleen’s husband) led me to the location where Kathleen was working. We discussed the possibilities of the rings hiding place and I began my search. After searching the area in front of where Kathleen was standing a twice with no success I started searching behind where she was standing. My MXT gave out a faint signal (my sensitivity was turned down due to edging and pipes in the area and the plantings were deep). I pulled back the plantings and there sat Kathleen’s rings. She was quite happy to get her prized rings back.


Rings recovered 5/30/2015

IMG_0222  IMG_0225

Heart Ring Lost In Lakewood CO Found By Metal Detector

from Aurora (Colorado, United States)
Contact: 1-720-771-1883

Belinda and kids had a family sledding adventure in 7 inches of snow at the local school grounds in Lakewood Colorado.  After making a snow angel in the snow she stood up to shake off the snow on her hands. To her astonishment her double heart ring went flying into the deep snow.  Gone in an instant.  After a frantic search in the cold snow proved uneventful they had to resort to a google search for some help with a metal detector. After a 20 minute search in that deep cold snow the Tenacious Treasure Tracker found the double heart ring about four inches down. Happy ending to cold snowy day!

Tenacious Treasure Tracker Heart Ring Recovery

Tenacious Treasure Tracker Heart Ring Recovery

Tenacious Treasure Tracker Heart Ring Recovery

Tenacious Treasure Tracker Heart Ring Recovery

Engagement ring recovered from Eldora Ski Area parking lot

from Denver (Colorado, United States)
It was a Tuesday night and I had just gotten home from the gym at 7:30 and was about to get something to eat when I noticed the answering machine blinking. There was the sad voice of a young lady asking me to help her search for her lost engagement ring. I called Jamie back and we had a brief conversation, she believed that her engagement ring was lost while changing out of her ski bibs in the parking lot of a “nearby” ski area. I had Jamie call the ski area to inquire about doing a search. While Jamie was making her call I quickly made a sandwich and ate. Jamie called back after several minutes stating that she couldn’t get ahold of the ski area as it had been closed for several hours by then.
The weather that night was a bit brisk; at my home the thermometer read 1 degree above 0 and it was snowing. I knew that going up to a ski area the temperature would be even colder so I needed to change. By the time I changed my clothes, gathered my gear and loaded my truck it was now 9:00 PM. The ski area that was my destination was an hour’s drive in good weather, but I still made drive in an hour and 15 minutes.
Upon arrival I checked my trucks thermometer prior to stepping out, it read -17. WOW, my coldest search yet. Luckily there was only a slight breeze so with wind chill it had to be around -20 to -25 degrees. Jamie, Mike (Jamie’s other half) and I talked about the location of their car during the ring’s loss. While marking out the search area in the fresh snow a guy in a front end loader who was clearing the snow form the parking lots stopped by to see what we were up to. Upon hearing that Jamie lost her ring and that I was there to search for it he raised his eyebrows and said “Good luck” then he continued on his with his business.
I began my search on the east end of our search area, after a half hours search my XLT’s screen had become very sluggish and pretty much useless. I typically detect by tone anyway so the lack of VDI was not a big deal. Another 5 – 10 minutes later I heard that wonderful tone and I scraped the top layer of snow away. The signal moved so I broke out my pinpoint probe and zeroed in on the target. When I brushed some more snow away there was Jamie’s ring, I must say her ring is quite exquisite. Jamie and Mike were so excited to get her ring back. I received a bone crushing hug and a good hearty hand shack and then we proceeded to get some photos.
Jamie and Mike live in Texas and were heading back home in just over 24 hours. I am sure that they will have some good things to say about us Coloradoans, metal detectorists and The Ring Finders.
Ring recovered February 4th, 2014.
Cold but happy

Cold but happy

Jamie's engagement ring

Jamie’s engagement ring

Gold Tiffany & Co. ring found in Aurora, Colorado park

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Jena Manning was visiting a friend in Aurora, Colorado. While their children played on the playground equipment the girls chatted and then Jena did something that is normally not in her nature, she tossed her gum into a nearby patch of juniper bushes. When she did this her Tiffany & Co. ring slipped off finger and followed the gum into the junipers. The two girls searched the junipers for several minutes with no success.

Jena sent me an email and we exchanged phone numbers and played phone tag for a couple of days. Finally we connected via phone and decided to meet so she could show me the location of her loss and for me to search bright and early Sunday morning. The search area was a large patch of knee high juniper bushes. I placed my 12” coil on my White’s V3i and began my search hoping that the ring was hung up on the branches of the juniper bushes. Trying to perform a grid search while walking through those bushes was not easy and though I did hear a couple of signals the ring was not found. I then placed a 4”x6” coil on my MXT and began to poke around the bushes. This was the only effective way to search this tangled mess of shrubbery. After a couple of hours search the ring was still hidden amongst the bushes and I needed to get going due to prior commitments. We made arrangements for me to meet Jena again the following Tuesday to continue the search.

Tuesday evening I arrived back at the site and began my search again. When Jena arrived I had her toss a ring with high visibility string attached a few times. The ring always made its way through the bushes and to the ground so that would mean that I needed to use my small coil and poke through the bushes. After a little over an hour of searching and finding only garbage I had Jena toss the ring and string a few more times. I noticed that a couple of her tosses were shorter than the others so I started searching a bit closer to the edge of the patch than my previous searches. Within a couple of minutes my V3i sounded off and there was Jena’s ring. Due to the rings design, basically gold chain mail, the ring gave an exceptionally low VDI number. Jena couldn’t believe that I had found her ring as she was beginning to give up. Luckily I don’t give up too easily or this ring would have never made its way back to where it belongs, on Jena’s finger.


Jena gets her ring back!


Not an easy find, a VDI of 3 due to the ring being chain mail style.

Ring found 3/19/2013.

Wedding ring set found in Fort Collins, Colorado

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Chiyoko reunited with her rings

While out walking her dog with her kids Chiyoko Hogan lost her wedding & engagement rings while attempting to toss a snowball at her two wonderful daughters. The rings escaped her hand, hit a handrail that was beside the sidewalk she was on and then hid from sight under 2-3 inches of freshly fallen snow. Chiyoko did not see the ring set leave her figure but she did hear it hit the metal handrail. Immediately the search for the rings began but due to the two pre-teen children and dog on the lease, efforts were hindered. She went into her apartment with tears in her eyes to get her husband Joshua to assist in the search. The couple moved several inches of snow because of previous snow along with the fresh snow in an attempt to find the ring set.

After a couple hours of searching Joshua went to a local retail store to purchase a metal detector. The detector that was purchased was not of very good quality but should have been able to find the ring. They searched the area again without luck again. Joshua knew that the detector that was purchased wasn’t of good quality so he went to a store where he could rent a metal detector. The rental detector was definitely a better quality machine, but without experience using such a machine even the world’s best metal detector would not be much help. They searched the area that they expected the ring to be in one more time hoping the detector would alert them to the rings’ location.

After a quick internet search the couple came upon my Ring Finders profile and contacted me Friday night night. Unfortunatly I was not home that night due to having plans with my wife that niht. But Joshua left a message and contact information so that I could get ahold of him at an appropriate time. I called Joshua the next morning and he told me the basic information of the rings’ loss We made arrangements for me to come and search for the ring later on that day, Saturday, February 11, 2012. Unfortunately Chiyoko would not be able to be there when I made my search for her rings due to having to fly back to her former home town to see a sick relative.

Upon arriving at their residence Joshua took me to the area of the rings loss and described the circumstances of the rings’ loss and their attempts to recover the ring. I put my detector together and proceeded to search the area that they had searched previously. After recovering a couple of non-ring targets I decided to switch coils in order to get closer to some metal yard edging. While changing out coils I also needed to put on my gloves, the temperature at that time was around 17 degrees. After another 15 minutes search I heard a good signal on the opposite side of the sidewalk that they expected the ring to be. I looked over at Joshua and said “This sounds REALLY good”. When I pulled some snow back I could see the glint of the 14 kt while gold shining up at me. We had recovered Chiyoko’s rings! Joshua was ecstatic and a bit taken aback as he had previously searched this area with the purchased and rented detectors. This once again proves that expertise in the use of a metal detector can be the key to finding such things as this BEAUTIFUL ring set

Chiyoko's 14 kt white gold wedding ring set

Platinum wedding band found in Denver, CO parking lot

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Chris's platinum wedding band

Sunday night December 4, I am sitting in my bed reading my favorite metal detecting magazine when I hear our phone ring at 10:30 pm. My wife’s mother was expected to call that evening so I assumed that that was who was calling. Within a few seconds I hear my wife walking up the stair talking on the phone. Diane hands me the phone and says it is somebody who has lost a ring. I answer the phone and Chris Tatum is on the other end, he is in the parking lot of a pizzeria where he has just lost his ring. He tells me that he has searched the area around his car but cannot find his ring and was wondering if I could come out that night and look for the ring. There are a couple inches of freshly fallen snow covering the parking lot and the temperature is 11 degrees. I realize that timing is critical because this parking lot will more than likely be plowed first thing in the morning. I let Chris know that I will be at his location in about a half an hour.

I get dressed, start getting my equipment together and then I have to explain to my wife why I am heading out of the house at 10:45 with my metal detectors while snow falling in bitterly cold temperatures. But we both agree that this search has to occur now so out the door I go.

I arrived at the pizzeria and introduce myself and Chris explains how he was wiping snow off his driver’s seat when he heard his platinum wedding band hit the asphalt parking lot. It was quite obvious where he and his wife had searched for the ring without any luck. I prepped my Whites XLT with Bigfoot coil and began my search. I began my search over the areas that they had searched by eyeballing the site. Soon I expanded my search beyond our original search area, still no luck. By this time my hands are numb and I need to get my gloves out. I continue my search beside a concrete wall that is loaded with steel reinforcing where I heard the definite sound of a ring come from my XLT. I carefully dug through the snow and got my hands on Chris’ ring. The ring laying under 3 inches of snow 20 feet away from where I had expected it to be. This search took only 20 minutes but it was a pretty intense 20 minutes due to conditions.

Ring recovered December 4, 2011.

A frigid Chris holding his wedding band

14 kt wedding ring found in Denver, CO yard

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Ben Spiking was doing the typical fall yard work of racking up leaves and dead grass, bagging that debris and placing it for pick up. While cleaning up after his work he noticed that he no longer had his 14 kt white gold wedding band on his figure. He immediately began a search for his ring. He quickly pulled the bags of refuse from the back alley and placed them within his fenced yard. He

Ben's wedding band

started to empty the bags one at a time and carefully go through the yard waste.  After three of the bags had been gone through leaf by leaf, Ben realized that going through the 8 remaining bags was going to be a daunting task and may be fruitless as well.

A quick internet search led Ben to Ring Finders and my profile page. Ben called my home phone and left a message which was relayed to me by my wife as I was in the mountains elk hunting at the time.  Where I was camping there is no cell phone service but I had made arrangements to check in back at home every couple of days. My wife gave me the critical information and I called Ben’s wife Kim to set up my search.
I arrived at the Spiking’s residence and Kim gives me a quick explanation of what had occurred the day of the rings loss. I began my search with my White’s XLT with a bigfoot coil. I searched the whole front yard and then the path through the back yard to the gate. I search the remaining bags of yard waste and the area where Ben had searched through the first 3 bags of yard waste, no luck. I then made my way back to my truck and switched out coils to my factory 9 ½” coil and searched the front yard again. There was an area in the northwest portion of the yard with several pieces of shredded aluminum can and pieces of aluminum fascia were just under the surface of the ground. I pulled up several pieces of the aluminum but there was enough metal in the ground that pinpointing was difficult at best. Once again I head to my truck and switch to 4”x6” coil and head back the area with all the aluminum. After another 20 minutes search I found the ring. I spent just over two hours searching this yard,  and even I was beginning to wonder if I could find the ring. But with the right equipment for all kinds of searching you can tilt the odds in your favor.

Ring recovered November 11, 2011.

Kim happy to be holding Ben's wedding ring.