Lost platinum wedding band in the snow... B.C.I.T, Burnaby

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Wedding band lost in the snow

It snowed pretty hard today and I was running around with my wife getting some stuff read for work next week,  I got a call from a young man that had lost his  platinum wedding band in the snow at B.C.I.T (British Columbia Institute of Technology)

He told me that he had a good area were he believed his ring came off,  also that 5  people had  stopped to help him search for his lost ring for close to one hour, with no luck.

We made plans to meet and search for the ring and we met an hour later.  I started the grid search and 10 minutes into the search I asked him if he could get a ring out of my truck so we could do a test with it.

Just as he was going to the truck I received a good signal and kicked the snow to see his wedding band looking back up at me!

Thick Platinum Ring Lost in Snow

Needles to say he was very happy to see his ring,  it only took 10 minutes  to find it and he was in a bit of a rush to pick up his daughter from school, so it worked out well.

He was a very nice young man and I was very happy to help him find his wedding band of 6 years…

I love my Job!

Lost something in the snow?

Call me ASAP

Video of the search below…

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  1. Chris, after being contacted by somebody at The Ring Finders, I went ahead and blogged about your service. I love the idea and great job helping all these people find their lost valuables! Here is the blog about The Ring Finders: http://www.treasurewriter.com/2010/11/ring-finders-a-new-service/

    1. Chris Turner says:

      Thanks so much for the blog! Very kind of you and if there’s anything we can do for you let us know!
      Chris Turner

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