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Found, Lost platinum wedding ring in West Vancouver

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I received a call from a young man that owns a landscaping company here in West Vancouver. ┬áHe said that he’d lost his platinum wedding ring of ten years some where in his clients back yard.

He rented a metal detector and searched with 4 of his employees for over 4 hours but didn’t find the ring. He then went on his smart phone and found ”The Ring Finders” (That is a smart phone!)

We made arrangements to me meet later in the day, when I arrived he showed me the area he believed the ring was lost in and I began my search. Only minutes later I found his wedding band, needless to say he was excited but couldn’t understand why he couldn’t find it as he and his employees were searching for hours in the same location…


I have had close to 70% of the people who hire me rent metal detectors first and after searching for hours give up the search and call me. My equipment is much better then the ones they rent and also it could be a little overwhelming for the person who has never used a metal detector.

Every ring has a story and it’s always a great feeling to help continue that story for the people I help.

Thanks for reading my blog!

If you have lost something and need help finding it please call me ASAP!


I love My Job!

You can watch the video below…