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Lost Wedding Band on Cypress Mountain, West Vancouver…Found!

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Its been a slow start to spring and summer this year as we haven’t had a spring or summer yet…Heck we didn’t even have a winter! That being said the snow stayed on the mountains and that’s where I went for a few hours, a couple of weekends ago.

I found the usual change ($30.00) and a few silver pieces and lots of crapy metal things. I was packing it up for the day and as I was driving away the parking lot grabbed my attention as I started to wonder what could’ve  been plower to the side with all the snow. I drove about a 100 yards and stopped my car and got out to walk alongside the road to see if I could spot anything.

Well I walked no further the 10 feet past my car and looked down a spotted a gold wedding band in the dirt and gravel…


I didn’t even have my detector, talk about when its meant to be! The great thing about this ring was that there was a name and the wedding date inscribed on the inside of the band.

I left the mountain and when I got home I posted the find on the craigslist in hopes that maybe the person would find me. The hardest thing is finding the owner if they haven’t contacted me to do the search. Most people just give up!  I was at work and it hit me…Call the Ski Resort and see if anyone has reported it lost. This was a great idea as someone had, well we met today and he has his lost ring of nearly 4 months back on his finger.

I love my job!

Lost something? Call me ASAP!

Thanks for reading my story.

Watch the video below…