Found..Lost Gold Ring at English Bay Beach, Vancouver BC

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Last night I went to sleep at 11:45 pm and I was planning on getting up at 3:am to go to the beach with a friend and do a beach hunt.

Minutes before midnight I awake to a phone call…911… someone lost their ring at the beach and wanted to know if I could help find it.

After taking notes of the location the ring was lost at I decide to search for it ASAP so that no one else would find it before I got there.

I get up and make a coffee and get ready to hit the road…The great thing was that it was the same beach my friend and I were going to at 4 am that morning. I wasn’t going to wake him up early so I went there to find the ring then come back to pick up my friend.

I get to the beach and I can see hand prints all over the sand in the area the ring was lost at, I know that I’m in the right spot, so I start my search.

After 10 minutes of searching in the dark at around 1:15 am I get a loud strong signal. I sink the scoop into the nice dry sand and I watched the sand sift through the scoop until I could see the beautiful color of gold!

After I returned home from the beach I had 30 minutes to make another coffee and get ready to pick up my friend and head back out to the beach.

I love my job!

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View the video of the search below…

4 Replies to “Found..Lost Gold Ring at English Bay Beach, Vancouver BC”

  1. Tony Shere says:


    No need to worry as I suffer from the same illness.
    My doctor says there is no known cure. I have hunted for 14 hours straight…felt like 30 minutes.


    1. Chris Turner says:

      I can go forever! This will be the way I die…Hunting in my late 90’s on some farm field…

  2. Mike McInroe says:

    That a boy Chris!!! I had a Daytona search the same day and was successful too! Keep up the good work my friend and don’t forget to get some sleep now and then. And glad to see that you are getting some decent weather!

    Mike McInroe

  3. Scott Foss says:

    ANOTHER great recovery Chris !! That gold sparkling in the dark must have been a great thrill. Hard work and dedication . . it shows in all your efforts, The Ring Finders and your recoveries. Thanks for everything.


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