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Gold in the Attic!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

A local newspaper here in Vancouver did a story about my service ”Finders” This always gets me a rush of work as people remember what they’ve lost and wonder if I could find it for them.

This story is about a man who was laying out insulation in his attic and after he was done he noticed his gold coin ring was gone. Thanks to the story that was in the local paper he now had a feeling that his ring could be found.

I showed up to his house and we talk about the search, I explain that it could be difficult due to all the nails in the area that I needed to search. We took a nice sheet of plywood and laid it down to give me something to sit on as I metal detected the insulation. This could take sometime as it was a big area I had to cover.

I was getting a lot of signals for nails as I expected but I kept watching my visual display on my metal detector for a ring signal. That signal came after just 10 minutes and out from the insulation came his beautiful gold coin ring.

I think the owner was in shock as he didn’t think he’d ever see that ring again…

I love my job!

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Lost my ring at the park…Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

He was enjoying a sunny day with a few friends and throwing a Frisbee, then with one flick of the wrist his wedding band goes flying into the long grass.

After searching for hours with his friends they give up and head for a business meeting, on his way out of the beach area they noticed my flyer at the lifeguard stand.

With nothing to lose he gives me a call, I take the info and get the exact location and head out to search for his ring. When I get there I check the location to make sure its the spot, then I begin my grid search.

After 20 minutes of grid searching I get a good signal and I bend down to search the grass and out pops his gold ring. I call and tell him the good news and we set up a time and place to meet to get his ring back to him.

As I was packing up to leave I noticed the parks board shows up and starts to cut the grass… It was very lucky I got there first and found his ring because if they cut the grass before I got there, the lawnmower could of hit the ring and sent it flying.

I love my job!

If you need help finding your ring contact me ASAP

Gold Ring lost at Surrey Golf Course…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This story begins with a call in regards to a lost ring at a Surrey golf course, the lady tells me that the ring was lost in the pond on the golf course.

She was part of the team building the golf course and on a hot summers day, she decides takes a dip in the pond. When she gets out of the water and starts to dry off she notices that her gold band with a small diamond is missing.

Heart broken, she knows that there’s no way to find the lost ring in the pond. A few days later she sees the story about ”Finders” jewellery recovery service in the local newspaper.

She reads the story and calls to see if I can help her, she tells me that the ring is lost in a pond around 10 feet deep.

I tell her that I’d have to hire a diver as I only work chest deep of water. A friend of my who was a diver and treasure hunter agreed to take a look for the ring.

We all meet at the golf course the next day and as my friend was suiting up to do his dive, I walked to where the lady entered and exited the water and I decided to do a search on the dry sand.

I start to search and she tells me that the ring was lost in the water, I know that I tell her but I want to make sure before my friend gets into the water that its not on dry land. Really I just wanted to metal detect and see if there was anything there, and to our surprise there was…Her diamond ring!

I found her ring in the dry sand around the edge of the pond, my diver wasn’t fully dressed and I held up the ring to show him. We both had a good laugh.

I love my job!

Lost my diamond engagement ring at the beach in Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

On a nice summers evening I get a call from a young lady who lost her diamond engagement ring at Spanish Banks while relaxing in the water.

She was recently engaged and lived out of town, she was here to spend some time with her family and show off her diamond ring.

The ring didn’t fit perfectly and while she was in the water it slipped off her finger to the sand below. Devastated, she and her parents searched in waste deep water, but there was no chance in finding the ring.

As they were leaving the beach her father thought of telling the lifeguard about the lost ring encase someone might find it at low tide the next day.

This was a good thing as the lifeguard gave them my flyer, I showed up at the beach the next morning at low tide and her and her family were there to greet me.

I listened to her story and where she believed her ring was lost, she based the location to the area where the floating dock was beached.

I started my grid search and after close to 2 1/2 hours I had no ring, I could tell that she was were getting worried. I sat down and talked to her about the location once again and she said I was in the right area as she lined up the lost ring with the floating dock.

Then it hit me, the floating dock had close to a 30 yard chain on it to keep it in place. This changes everything as the high tide location would have been 30 yards further out.

I start my new grid search and after 1 hour I found her beautiful diamond ring. The smile tells you the rest!

I love my job!

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I got mad and threw my wedding ring away

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I got mad at my spouse and threw my wedding ring away…Help!!!

Has this ever happened to you?

When some couples argue, in the heat of the moment they get mad and throw their wedding ring, most make up and then feel horrible afterwards.

I have received a hand full of these calls for help from both men & women, and I’m happy to say that I found everyone’s ring.

I’ve found rings that were tossed out car windows into bushes, peoples yards, beaches, lakes ext. It doesn’t matter how many years the ring has been lost for if its on your property or places people wouldn’t be searching with a metal detector…It still can be found!

If this has happened to you and you never found your ring, give me a call.

Tip of the day: If you get mad at your spouse and the thought of tossing your ring comes to mind, try this…

Take a coin out of your pocket and switch it with the ring… When the storm blows over and you make up… You’re down a coin but you still have your ring!

I love my job!

Treasure Hunter Chris Turner Interview / Metal Detecting / Ring Finders

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Here is a short interview on my service ”Finders” it was done by BCIT collage students for a class project.

This video takes 24 seconds before it starts.

Like I said before if the public was aware of this service I’d be searching for lost jewellery every day of the year.

I love my job!

If you’ve lost your jewellery and want it found contact me ASAP.

(Click on the HQ tab on the bottom right of the video once it starts to watch in High Quality)

Gold & Emerald Ring lost at Spanish Banks Beach

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

My wife and I are packing to go to the UK when I get a call from a friend of mine who tells me that his sister just lost her gold & emerald ring that was given to her by her grandmother.

He said they were playing in the water and she felt the ring come off her finger and sink to the sand below. Panic set in then the realization that the ring could be lost for good.

As they were searching for the ring in the water my friend remembered that I had a service that could help find it. When I get the call he explains what happen, of course I head out ASAP.

When I showed up they were having a barbeque and my first thought was I better find that ring because that chicken looks really good!

She walks me to the area the ring was lost, the tide had come in and it was around waste deep. The good thing was that they marked the area and the distance out to where the ring was lost.

After 20 minutes of grid searching the area I got good signal and as I lifted my sand scoop I could see her beautiful gold emerald ring.

Everyone was happy and it was nice to help a friend, oh and the chicken was amazing!!!

I love my job!

If you have lost your ring and want it found …Contact me ASAP

Video…Metal Detecting Service/Finders

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This video is by Jason Krowe for ”Living Vancouver” its about my Jewellery Recovery Service ”Finders” here in Vancouver, BC
The hardest part of my job is getting people to know that it exists… If ”Finders” was a household name I believe I’d be doing this full time…And loving every minute of it!

There are so many people that could use this service, the only problem is I’d have to be a millionaire in order to advertise so that the public are aware of my ”Finders” company.

My next goal is to look for corporate sponsorship…Jim Pattison???

I love my job!

(Click on the HQ tab on the bottom right of the video once it starts to watch in High Quality)

1980 High School Silver Grad Ring Found In Aldergrove Lake

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This story was about a 1980 silver high school grad ring that was lost in a lake in Aldergrove BC. Its hard to see the ring but she’s holding on tightly to it!

This was a good hour drive from the city and when I arrived to search for the ring I was surprised that when I got close to the middle of the lake my detector was beeping like crazy.

This limited my search and I knew if she had lost it in the middle of the lake I’d have no chance of recovering the ring for her. That being said she had put me in a good area and within 4 minutes I found her ring… She found her smile!

Note: 3 blogs down I talk about this lake and you can see that there is no water in lake as it had been drained. In this picture you can see the water behind her…

I love my job!

If you’ve lost your ring contact me ASAP…I’d be happy to find it for you!

Lost Diamond Earring/South Surrey/White Rock…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This story is about a lady who lost her diamond earring in her garden, it was lost for over 1 year. Her husband was driving to work one morning and on the radio he heard an interview on my ”Finders” service and wrote down my number and called me.

He told me about his wife’s earring and how much it bothered her that she lost it in the garden and she couldn’t find it. She knew it was there some where, but where?

Of course I was up for the challenge but I knew it would be a tough one as diamond earrings have to be the hardest thing to search for as there is very little gold on the post, so that makes it very difficult to find.

When I arrived the lady showed me the area of the garden where she believed her earring was lost. She tells me that at one time she was digging around a shrub and felt her earring get caught on a branch, but she never thought to check and see if it was still there.

Due to the time (1 year +) she wasn’t sure which shrub it was… Now the search begins!

I start with my Whites V-Sat gold detector and spend a good two hours along side of the bushes and no luck. Unfortunately the shrubs were close to the side of the house as you can see in the picture above and this was impossible to search as my detector was picking up the metal framing.

My next step was to move the dirt away from the house so I wouldn’t have any interference with my detector. I made 6 piles of dirt and searched each pile, the last pile I received a faint signal and as I was sifting through the dirt I found her earring…

I Love my job!