Lost Electronic Car Key in Sand at Venice Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)













Joe and Natasha were sitting on the sand at Venice Beach, CA. His electronic car key slipped out of his pocket into the sand. After a couple hours sifting through the sand with their hands. Someone on the beach told him about TheRingFinders.

Joe called me telling me that he was sure the key was in the area that he was sitting. He would be able to stay there until I could meet him. Always a good to help for a successful search. So often people leave the area before realizing they have lost their key. Then they can’t find the general location where they had been.

I met Joe and Natasha less than an hour after his call to me. It only took a few swings with my metal detector to locate his car key. With this type car key it may require a tow to the dealership to have new electronic key programmed. Very expensive plus a lot of time waisted especially if it’s a weekend. It was nice to meet the both of them and help them find the car key.