Ring Lost in Fire Pit at San Clemente Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)





Josh called me the morning after he lost his rose gold wedding ring. He had been at North Beach in San Clemente, CA. enjoying a fire on the beach with his family. Before leaving the beach he was putting out the fire by throwing sand onto burning embers. He felt the ring slip off his finger going into the fire pit.

I was sure that this would be a situation where we would need to use my sifting equipment to retrieve the ring. Josh had given great directions that made it easy to find the exact fire pit. After an hour an a half of sifting the 4 ft. square area the ring could not be found.

Next option was to use my metal detector to check the area outside the cement fire pit. The first 18” nearest the fire pit was congested with nails, other metal trash and the rebar reinforced cement fire pit which made it difficult to use my metal detector there. I took my sifting equipment to go through that sand. After a few minutes I located Josh’s rose gold wedding band. 

Josh met me on the beach twenty minutes after calling him and it was a pleasure to return his ring. He tried to apologize for giving me the wrong directions but I assured him that it’s normal to find these small items outside the location where they are thought to be lost. The most important thing is the ring is back where it belongs.