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Lost Ring in Jefferson City, Missouri

from Jefferson City (Missouri, United States)
Contact: 1-573-636-9812


I found it.

Hello Everyone,

I’m excited about joining The Ring Finders team. I’m new to The Ring Finders, but not to metal detecting. I’ve been finding lost items for my friends and neighbors for over 30 years. Give me a call or send me an email if I can help you.

You might want me to help you find out if that old story is true. You know, the one about great grandpa burying his gold coins in the back yard. One time I helped a farmer find a pocketknife that he lost when he was a much younger man. It was in pretty ruff shape from being in the woods for so long, but he had a smile on his face when he held that old knife again. He said, “I don’t mind the rust. It’s kind of like seeing a friend from the past that has grown old with you.”

When people call me for help, they usually have a good idea of where they lost their item, but I ask a lot of questions anyway. This helps me to configure my equipment and design a search pattern. If the search involves private property and you’re not the owner, you can download a form that you can use to ask permission to search the property property (Download). Most people are very understanding and will give their permission.

I’ll also ask you to fill out a form that gives me permission to search for your lost item (Download). The forms also include liability waivers for you and the property owner

Red Deer, Lost Ring Recovered by Airdrie Ring Finder

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-701-1739

I got a Lost Ring call out from a young lady in Red Deer, Alberta, approximately 70 kilometers north of my home in Airdrie,  it’s about a 1 hour drive.  She had lost her White Gold and Diamond graduation ring in the snow at Red Deer College.  She knew approximately where it might be and was crushed by it’s loss as it held a lot of sentimental value.

After setting up my grid search it took 10 minutes for me to locate her ring for her, She was ecstatic as you can see from the photo.
One more example of why not to give up on that lost ring even if it’s in the snow.   The Ring Finders can recover that ring for you just call us as soon as you can.
For Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane,  Crossfield, Carstairs, Irricana, Beiseker, Didsbury, Olds, Bowden, Innisfail and Red Deer .  .  .  call Bill Jones ( The Detectorist ) 403-701-1739  or Email

Lost Diamond Pendent at Trout Lake Park in Vancouver, BC

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-778-838-3463

Today at around 10am I received a call from a young lady who told me that she had lost her diamond pendent at a park not far from where I live so I jumped into my SUV and headed out to meet and hopefully find her diamond pendent.

When I arrived I was greeted by two young ladies who had set up a grid of the area they believed the pendent was in…

I started my search and I found a few targets mostly junk and then Maggie headed out to the rest room and her friend stayed behind while I was searching.

Not long after she left I received a good signal on my Whites V3I, I moved the grass to see the diamond pendent sparkling at me! I called Maggie’s girlfriend over to show her and we both just smiled…

A minute later Maggie showed up and I told her that I found a bottle cap and held up her pendent…

I love the reaction when people first see their lost item!


How special was Maggie’s diamond pendent? It was given to her 6 years ago from her boyfriend on her first year anniversary…And they are still together today!

I love my job!

Lost something? Call ASAP

Watch the video of the search on the link below…

Lost Gold Ring at Simco Park in New Westminister, BC

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-778-838-3463

Over two weeks ago I was in touch via email in regards to doing a search at a park not to far from me,  for a lost gold band. Because of both of our schedules we didn’t meet up until this evening.

When I met with David he told me the story of where he thought the ring might be, but he wasn’t sure if it was there or not, as he felt someone could have found it or maybe it was lost some where else.



We discussed the search and I started to do my grid with the hope of finding his ring. This Ring was given to David by his father and he was going to wear it when he gets married this December.

I was into my grid search for 30 when I got a good hit on my V3I, I bent down with my pinpointer and after I moved the grass I could see the outline of his gold ring…



I was so happy that it was found and I called David and his girlfriend over and I have to say I have the best job in the world! I get to make people smile and I love it.

I Love My Job!

Lost Something?


Call me ASAP!


Watch the video of the search below.

Lost Palladium Wedding Band at a Baseball Field in Vancouver, BC…Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-778-838-3463

I was driving home from two earlier searches when I received a call in regards to a young man’s lost wedding band that was made out of palladium.

The young man told me that he lost it the night before and searched with some friends but didn’t find it. When I showed up at the park there were kids everywhere…Summer soccer camps and other events but that didn’t stop us for asking if we could search the area,  the coaches were kind enough to let us search…



After 30 minutes of searching in a high potential area that John felt the ring could be in, I moved to the fence where it made sense to John and I that the ring could be in that area due to taking off his glove after the innings…




There it was in the long grass not far from a dirt patch and I was delighted to see it looking back up at me! You see John was just about to leave to go back to work, so the timing was perfect to surprise him! That I did…


I love my Job!

Thanks for the kind reward John!

15% of all money I make from my rewards goes to Children’s Hospital


Watch the video below for this recovery…

Lost my Ring in Vancouver BC…Platinum Wedding Band Found

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-778-838-3463

I received a call the other day while I was at work in regards to a lost platinum wedding band, lost while the man was cleaning out his SUV on the side of the road by his house. We discussed the search and I was able to get to his place before dark at around 8 pm to start the search.

I was feeling confident that this would be a quick search and I’d be on my way home within 30 minutes or less…Not…It was almost midnight and I had to pack it up and head home without finding the ring. Sometimes this happens and I knew the ring had to be there some where so I told the young man and his wife that I’d be back on the weekend to continue my search for his platinum wedding band. I could tell they were both disappointed but I assured them that if it was there I would find it.

The only place that I could think it would be was in the very large and thick hedge along side their property, I did spend some time searching under the hedge but mostly I concentrated in the areas that someone could come along the next day and find it. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss the most obvious place and I searched them over and over, I did have some problems with power lines just above me but I was able to stabilize my metal detector.

Saturday came and I was off to search for this young man’s ring,  I brought a rake and I was ready to shake the hedge and rack everything under the hedge to the front and detect.  I started at the most likely spot under the hedge on my stomach and slowly worked inch by inch with my hand held pin pointer (detector)  after about an hour and half way up the hedge I got a nice loud signal and I moved the branches and leaves near the root and there I saw his beautiful platinum wedding band!



I think it might have gotten caught up in the branches and when I shook the hedge it fell to the ground, I was so happy to see that ring and to give it back to the young mans wife as he wasn’t home at the time. When I knocked on the door and she saw the ring I could tell how relieved she was! I have the greatest job in the world…I get to make people smile!


Thank you for the very kind reward Darren! I’m so glad your ring is back where it belongs!

I love my Job!

Lost your Ring? Call me ASAP!

You can watch the video below of the search…

Lost Platinum Diamond Ring in East Vancouver…Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-778-838-3463











Today I had a search for a platinum diamond engagement ring that was lost on Meaghan property along the walk way beside her house. Meaghan had searched for a week on and off in the area that the ring came out of her pocket, but just couldn’t find it.

That’s what prompted her to search the internet and see if there was someone that could help her find her engagement ring of 5 years, finding ”The Ring Finders” was exactly what she had hoped for!

I received the call and we set up a day to come out and find the ring, a week later I was there to check out the search area. Looking it over, I knew I’d be finding this ring without my detector.

After moving  a dozen concrete blocks that were a part of the walk way and a couple of long pipes and boards and about 30 minutes…There it was under a concrete block closes to the house…


What a beautiful ring! I was so happy that it showed itself and its now back where it belongs. Thank you for reading my blogs and until the next search…


I love my job!

Lost something? Call me ASAP

Video below of the search.

2 Lost Rings in the UBC Area / Spanish Banks…Found

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-778-838-3463


Smiles are the best things we find! I got a call from a young lady that tells me she lost two rings while on a big water slide that was made for a party with lots of friends. The rings meant a lot to Fran and she thought she’d never see the rings again so she was going to rent a metal detector and went on line and found The Ring Finders Directory.

My wife and I met Fran at 8PM just before it got dark and she showed us the huge hill where they had the slide that weekend. I could see the flatten grass where the slide was placed and this helped with our grid search.

After just minutes of turning on my big flood light we found one ring that was flattened into the ground. After a 14 hour day at work then 2 hours into the search we decided to call it a night. I knew it would take daylight to find the second ring as it was hard to do a grid in the low light we had.

We sent a picture of the ring to Fran and told her we’d go out and search on the weekend for the gold & jade ring. I went out and bought a new metal detector(Whites V3i) and I was excited to give it a go, our son wanted to join the search and Beverley and I were excited to have him as the search area was pretty huge.

I wasn’t feeling all that great when we got there and it was a hot day so I slowly started to set up my new detector and Jamie ask me if he could give it a go, I said sure and his mother let him use the Whites XLT that she was going to use. I just started to grid search when I hear Jamie and Beverley shouting…Found It! Found It! I’m thinking found what? It was almost like Jamie walked right to the ring!

With such a big area to search that day Jamie knocked it out of the park! I was so proud of him and happy to know that I could go home and rest…Like his mother he has the knack of find what people thought was lost forever.


I love my job & family!


Lost something? Call the Turners ASAP

You can watch the video below.

Lost Ring at SunSet Beach, Vancouver, BC…Found in 3 Feet of Water!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-778-838-3463

This was a 911 call at around 5pm when I was still at work, I talked to the young lady and she told me that she had lost a very special ring that was given to her by someone she loves very much! She spent hours searching in the water with googles and the ring as most do just disappeared into the sand below.

I assured her that as soon as I got off work that would be right there to find her ring, she told me that she knew the spot and I was hopeful for a very quick recovery… She waited at the spot for 4 hours until I got off work and arrived at the beach.

It was dark when I arrived,  I was sure that it would be a fast recovery as she showed me the area the ring was lost. Well it took 2 hours before the ring showed itself! I could tell that Tina was losing hope and I wanted to get a first time reaction so I told her my batteries were dying and I needed to change them.

As I got out of the water I started my video camera and started to talk to her about the search and about how many pennies I was finding…Then I reached into my scoop and held out her ring!

Her face lit up and the ring that meant the world to her was back where it belonged!


I love my Job!


Lost something? Call me ASAP!

You can watch the video of the search below…Thanks for watching!


Found Wedding & Engagement Rings at The Dog Park, Kits Beach.

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-778-838-3463









Just before I was getting ready to call it a night I received an email that a young lady had lost both her wedding & engagement rings at the dog park at Kits Beach. I emailed the person right away and asked them to call me, minutes later we were discussing the search.

Because the rings were lost at such a high risk area…(beach and by a log) I knew that we’d have to get out ASAP to search for the rings. The young man agreed to meet me at 11:45 pm, we met and he showed me the area he thought the rings would be in…

After a few swings of my metal detector and no rings I began to move to the front of the log where they never searched for the rings and within a minute I found one of the rings…



Minutes after the wedding ring was found I found the engagement ring! Smiles all around! The rings were not where he thought they’d be but its my job to think of why they’re not there and expand my search area. For some reason the rings were deep! After discussing the search he told me that they have a 70 lb. dog that was play right were the rings where found…


I love my job!

Lost something please call ASAP!

You can watch the video of the search below…