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Metal Detecting Service Inc.

Lost Palladium Wedding Band at a Baseball Field in Vancouver, BC...Found!


I was driving home from two earlier searches when I received a call in regards to a young man’s lost wedding band that was made out of palladium.

The young man told me that he lost it the night before and searched with some friends but didn’t find it. When I showed up at the park there were kids everywhere…Summer soccer camps and other events but that didn’t stop us for asking if we could search the area,  the coaches were kind enough to let us search…



After 30 minutes of searching in a high potential area that John felt the ring could be in, I moved to the fence where it made sense to John and I that the ring could be in that area due to taking off his glove after the innings…




There it was in the long grass not far from a dirt patch and I was delighted to see it looking back up at me! You see John was just about to leave to go back to work, so the timing was perfect to surprise him! That I did…


I love my Job!

Thanks for the kind reward John!

15% of all money I make from my rewards goes to Children’s Hospital


Watch the video below for this recovery…

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