Lost Diamond Engagement Ring at Spanish Banks Dog Park, Vancouver BC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Yesterday at around 5 pm I received a call from a young man named Adam who asked me if I was the guy who found rings…I said ”I’m that guy”

He told me his wife had lost both of her rings in the sand and after 5 minutes they found the wedding band but they couldn’t find the platinum engagement ring.

This is most common as its a thinner band and harder to see and if you walk on it, its gone from sight.

I was  getting ready to pick up my grandson so I headed out to help them right away, he said that he and some other people at the dog Park/ beach were searching for it and I told them to stop as they could bury it deeper and make it difficult to find.

I grabbed my Minelab CTX 3030 and headed to the beach, when I got there I was greeted by Adam who was happy to see me but anxious to get started with the search.

Sitting on a log nearby was a couple of people that helped the young man and his wife search for the ring, they told me that they had invested interest in the search and wanted to see a happy ending.

The young man’s wife went home to get dinner started for their two young children so you can imagine her concern. Well I started the search in the area that they found the first ring and when It wasn’t there Adam said that his wife did go out towards the water at low tide.

I wasn’t finished searching the hot zone when I got a good hit (1310 on the CTX) and I knew this had to be the ring, I bend down and reached into the sand and pulled out a beautiful platinum diamond ring! It took about 2 minutes to find his Smile! The lady and her husband who were watching the search were as excited as we were to see it!













I gave Adam a ride home and I got to meet his lovely wife and see her smile.

I love my job!

If you lost your ring call… The Ring Finders/Chris Turner/ASAP

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Thanks for reading my blog and you can watch the search on the video below…



6 Replies to “Lost Diamond Engagement Ring at Spanish Banks Dog Park, Vancouver BC”

  1. Steve Smith says:

    Love the sound of gold and platinum from the 3030. Great job Chris. I am glad you are getting more calls, I really enjoy the videos.

    1. Chris Turner says:

      Thanks Steve…Yes I’m happy that spring is getting close! Thanks for watching my vids! Happy Hunting!

  2. Mike Mc says:

    Good work Chris! Way to track it down, make the find and produce those smiles. May the phone keep ringing!!

    1. Chris Turner says:

      Thanks Mike…I love this job more then any job I’ve ever had!!

  3. Good work, as always……Love your videos.

  4. Dan Roekle says:

    Way to go Chris … I bought a used 3030 last year, but haven’t had the time to learn it yet. Hear it’s a beast.


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