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Baseball Field Steals the Ring – Metal Detectorist Hits a Home Run

  • from Boise (Idaho, United States)

Monica called with a soft voice and tremble in her speech.  Could I come and try to find her lost engagement ring?  A short discussion and hours later, I was at the ball field swinging away…not at the ball, but the coil across the field.  This was not an easy task and actually took a few visits.  Luckily the baseball field was only 15 minutes from my place, so getting there was not a big issue.  Getting there when nobody is using it was.

On my 3rd visit and early Sunday morning I had about gave up when one last surface target signal perked my attention and there it was.  A couple calls later she is holding the ring in her hand and all smiles.

Thanks Monica for believing in Ring Finders and Gerry’s Detectors.

Lost Palladium Wedding Band at a Baseball Field in Vancouver, BC…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I was driving home from two earlier searches when I received a call in regards to a young man’s lost wedding band that was made out of palladium.

The young man told me that he lost it the night before and searched with some friends but didn’t find it. When I showed up at the park there were kids everywhere…Summer soccer camps and other events but that didn’t stop us for asking if we could search the area,  the coaches were kind enough to let us search…



After 30 minutes of searching in a high potential area that John felt the ring could be in, I moved to the fence where it made sense to John and I that the ring could be in that area due to taking off his glove after the innings…




There it was in the long grass not far from a dirt patch and I was delighted to see it looking back up at me! You see John was just about to leave to go back to work, so the timing was perfect to surprise him! That I did…


I love my Job!

Thanks for the kind reward John!

15% of all money I make from my rewards goes to Children’s Hospital


Watch the video below for this recovery…

Lost Man’s Gold Wedding Ring in Powell, OH “FOUND”.

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)
Lost Gold Man’s Wedding Ring in Powell, OH “FOUND”.

Lost Gold Man’s Wedding Ring in Powell, OH “FOUND”.

I received an email from a guy that lost his gold wedding ring while helping with his young daughters softball game. He played pitcher, catcher and second baseman. Between each inning he took off is baseball mitt. After the game while at dinner, he noticed that his gold wedding ring was no longer on his finger.

He went back to the baseball diamond to look for his ring but no luck. After he got home and read the Columbus Dispatch, he saw my news article. Then he emailed me about his lost ring at about 10 pm at night.

By the next morning I was heading to meet him to look for the ring.  I had a two hour window to find the ring before he had to leave for a couple of days. Since other games would have been played there before he would return someone else could have found it.  Looking for an hour and a half and asking many questions as to where he was during the game the ring was found covered up by the dirt.

He was very glad to have his ring back since he just celebrated his 10 year wedding anniversary.


Lost Wedding Band at a Baseball Field in Port Coquitlam…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

First of all I’m chocked that I accidentally deleted the video that went with this smile…My flip video camera doesn’t allow me to recover the video when I mess up…

I received a call the other day from a young lady who tells me that her husband of only two years had lost his wedding band while playing Baseball, one week ago in Port Coquitlam.

I decide to search that evening after I finished work, I was to meet up with her husband after his dinner with friends. I arrived at the park at around 8:15 pm and there was a baseball game on so I just kicked back and enjoyed the slow pitch.

When the game was over around 9:20 pm I was getting ready to start my search and was met shortly after by the young man who had lost the ring. He showed me all the areas he was playing and warming up in, it made sense to me that the only time the ring would come off his finger is when he was pulling off his glove.

Because his glove was on his left hand and because he wouldn’t take it off while playing the most likely area for me to search was where he was warming up. I figured when he was running back to the sidelines where his team was getting ready he’d take off his glove and out the ring would go… At least that’s what I was hoping for.

It was getting dark fast and I told him that he could go home and I’d call him when I found it. I started my grid search where he showed me where he was standing while warming up and headed back towards the sideline.

It was going on 45 minutes and the mosquito’s were out in full force, I was thinking to myself that I’d come back on the weekend and search some more for the ring and I was getting close to the end of my grid when I received a loud signal on my detector. I turned on my flashlight and kicked the grass to see his 14k white gold wedding band looking back at me!

That felt so good to see! I quickly called him to tell him the good news and was greeted with a nice Thank You card from his wife and a kind reward for my efforts.

I Love my Job!

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