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Key Fob and Bronco key returned.

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

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Carly texted me and asked if I could help her find her key fob and Ford Bronco key. Her Sister borrowed her vehicle to go to the beach the night before and unfortunately dropped her keys in the sand, Carly was not to happy with her Sister.

I met Carly and her Dad at the beach shortly after she texted me and started my hunt based on a video her Sister took while at the beach, it was key to getting me in the right place.

They had to leave to run an errand while I continued to grid the area, I found another set of keys with a key fob that were partly rusted while looking for hers. After about 12 passes I was able to find her lost key and key fob.


Platinum wedding ring recovered in Long Beach, CA

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

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Susan called me and said her friend Mike lost his wedding band at the beach. Mike had placed his ring in the cup holder of his chair and when it was time to leave he picked up the chair and the ring went flying into the sand. When I arrived at the beach I saw Mike with a kids plastic shovel trying to search for his ring. He was happy to see me and all it took was less then two minutes of searching to find it. Susan and Mike were very pleased with The Ring Finders service.




Wedding ring recovered in Huntington Beach by The Ring Finders

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

I received a call from Chanel to see if I could help her find her wedding ring. She had been at dog beach when she realized her ring was slipping off her finger so she took it off and put it on top of her backpack. Soon after a dog was digging in the sand and threw sand on top of her backpack, forgetting about her ring she picked up the backpack to shake off the sand and her ring disappeared.

Chanel met me at the beach and we walked to the area where she had been the day before. I started searching and right away I got several signals, a dog tag, 2 toy monster trucks and a dime. The next signal sounded really good and when I scooped up some sand I saw her ring in the hole. I called her over to look in the hole and she reached in and grabbed it with a big smile on her face.

Thanks for calling The Ring Finders

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Family Heirloom Ring Recovered – Huntington Beach, CA

Alejandro told me his Cousin was boogie boarding when he hit the sand and broke his nose. During this mishap his gold and ruby ring which was his late Grandfathers fell off into the surf. I said I would go first thing in the morning during low tide to search for this family heirloom. My intuition paid off and I found the ring after a two hour hunt right when the tide was at its lowest point.

The loss happened on July 5th and I recovered it on July 7th. This is a popular beach for detectorists and we were lucky it was not found during this busy July 4th weekend.

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