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Newlyweds Wedding Ring Lost On Surf City Beach Found The Next Day

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

I woke up around 4:00 am and checked my business messages.  Just after 1:30, Caroline informed me her husband, of almost 6 months, Edson had lost his gold wedding band, the prior afternoon, somewhere on the beach.  I later discovered she also posted on a social media group in the area about the lost ring with a description of the ring but thankfully, not the precise location of the loss.  Later that morning, we made plans to search in the afternoon when the high tide was subsiding because she thought it may have come off while they were walking in the shallow water.  Edson was very good at remembering details that narrowed the search area and within 10 minutes, a very strong signal on a beach that wasn’t providing too many signals proved to be Edson’s lost ring.  The couple was in disbelief that it was found so quickly!

Mother’s Ring Lost During Surf City Fishing Trip Found And Returned

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Lori & Herb were fishing in a favorite location on the Surf City beach.  This place was extra special to Lori as she had placed a few of her mother’s ashes in this location last year on her mother’s birthday July 13th.  Her mother had plans to visit Surf City but unfortunately, due to her health wasn’t able to travel to this very nice town.  Lori had always loved her mother’s ring growing up and when her mother passed away, Lori informed me it was the only item she wanted to hold onto as a keepsake of her mother and her parents 54 years of marriage.

While fishing the coastline just before sunset, Lori had went down to the water’s edge to wash her hands after baiting a hook.  The surf came in and her mother’s cherished ring slid off and buried into the sand.  Lori frantically tried to dig it back out of the beach sand.  Herb advised her it may not be a good idea as the movement could cause it to sink more or even be tossed to another location.  Herb followed a local Metal Detecting group on social media and immediately posted a plea for help.  My friend Justin saw this post just a couple of minutes afterwards and informed me to contact Herb ASAP.  Herb was amazed at how fast we contacted him and both Justin and I headed in their direction.  Fortunately, the tide was going out, so I knew we’d find the ring in the wet sand.  Upon arrival, Herb & Lori wisely marked the area with a glow in the dark stick since the sun had already set.  We began a search and my 1st target was a solid 12-07 on my Minelab CTX-3030.  One scoop into the sand and my Garrett Pro-Pointer AT sounded off on a golf ball size clump of sand. It was then, I noticed the white gold peeking out.  I grabbed the whole piece and placed into Lori’s hands.  She didn’t seem to believe what she was seeing as her mother’s ring was once more back in her possession.  Lori’s was filled with emotion and relief!  We had a very enjoyable conversation afterwards an as it was getting late, we parted ways.  I hope to see them on the beach again soon.