Wedding Ring Lost and Recovered on Treasure Island, Florida

Alex and his wife of one year traveled from Mexico to enjoy a family reunion in Treasure Is., FL.  While playing volleyball it was Alex’s turn to serve.  At the end of his overhand serve he felt his wedding ring come off.  He and many of the reunion got down on their hands and knees to search for the ring.  Now this was not your run of the mill wedding band.  Many family members donated their jewelry to make the wedding band set for the bride and groom.   Devastated, they inquired at the office for any information that may help their cause.  The office happened to have for the number for SRARC.  Alex called Mike Miller and left a message and requesting a call back.  Mike Miller and Paul Hill had just finished detecting Clearwater beach when they received the message.  Being so close by, they headed right down to begin the search.  Upon arrival, Alex showed them the area which he was serving explaining the situation as best as he could.  Paul began the search and was not getting any targets on the surface as it should have been.  Gridding the court, Paul expanded his search to include the opposite side as well.  Still no luck.  Mike, who had been assisting with a pin pointer decided he would go get his detector to help out.  When Mike returned he searched an area passed the volleyball court over a 12 foot sidewalk.  Within 3 minutes Mike had the ring in hand.  Nearly 70 feet from the service line.  Everyone was in shock that it was so far from where it was presumed to be.  Needless to say, the reunion is now ready to resume on a high note.

SRARC wishes Alex and his bride a Happy One Year Anniversary this Saturday.

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2 Replies to “Wedding Ring Lost and Recovered on Treasure Island, Florida”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Gold is heavy and will fly far…But not far enough for you not to find it…Great work & Great Smile you found!!!

  2. Mark Rubey says:

    Good teamwork, as always, guys!

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