HS Class Ring Lost, Found and Returned from Pass A Grille beach

During a recent detecting trip Mike Miller found a class ring. He started a search to find the owner (Tracie) and was able to find her and return her ring to her.

Her story is that Tracie and her fiance (David) were at her favorite beach for the afternoon. David was wearing her High School class ring and she warned him that if he lost it he was a “dead man”. He went into the water and was pulling himself along the bottom in waist deep water where sure enough the ring came off. Tracie was not a happy beach person after that, but they looked for the ring and finally gave up.

A couple months later she got an email telling her that Mike had found her ring and would like to return it to her. Overjoyed she contacted him and they met at a local Gulfport restaurant. She said not only did Mike return her ring he saved her fiancé’s life. The picture and smiles say the rest.