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Lost Wedding ring set found and returned at Ft Desoto Park, Pinellas County, Florida

Jordi and Maria recently moved from Spain to Orlando for a job opportunity and then on July 4, 2015 were married. This last weekend they decided to take a vacation weekend and explore a little bit of the Florida western Gulf Coast. On Friday, they came to the North Beach at Ft Desoto and were relaxing in the sun and Gulf waters.

In early afternoon they were tossing a ball to each other when Maria reached for the ball and felt her new wedding set come off her hand. She stood right where it had fallen off while Jordi dug in the sand around her feet to try and recover them. They couldn’t find the rings even thought they looked for the rest of the day. Jordi was wise enough to take a good look around and marked the location in his mind with visuals of the landscape around him. They went to there hotel that night very sad about the loss of Maria’s wedding rings. The next morning Jordi rented a metal detector and returned to the spot where the rings had been lost. He found a few pieces of rusty iron, but no rings and then the detector quit working. They continued to hunt for the rest of the day, but had no luck. They returned to Orlando the next day and Jordi got busy¬†searching the internet and soon found SRARC on The Ring Finders site.

He contacted Mike and soon they had a meeting time established for Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 pm. Mike Miller, Chris Duerden, Bill Gallant, and Tom & Joanne Gajentan were able to attend the hunt and within 7 minutes we had both rings back on the hand of Maria. What a bunch of beautiful smiles were shared between the entire group.

Jordi and Maria were wish you the best of times while you are here in the United States and also wish you many happy years together.

Great work team, It is just the best when we are able to rescue something precious for such nice people.

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